Getting Spellbound By Charmed And Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

'All Hallow's' Eve Batey joins us for a witchy double-header! 2018.10.31

Leisure's Secret Shames

Giving TV characters embarrassing secret hobbies. 2018.04.27

Tech Wrecks

Ruining classic episodes with current technology. 2018.04.12

Must Re-See TV

Transplanting current casts into the '90s Must See TV lineup. 2017.10.28

Fame Costs vs. The Big Salad

It's paying in sweat vs. the reason George won't buy Elaine lunch anymore! 2017.01.19

EHG Mini: Important TV Dancing

Step-by-step, we put greatest in the spotlight. 2017.01.12

Son Of Zorn's Grafelnik Faces Seinfeld's Festivus In The Battle Of The Vengeful Holidays

If you don't celebrate any religious winter holidays, you have alternatives. Which of the ones that originated in sitcoms is superior? 2016.12.12S01.E09

Watch A Season 8 Blooper Reel From Seinfeld

'Please: hold your applause until we've ALL screwed up.' 2016.11.28

Richard Simmons' Whose Line Enthusiasm vs. Bob Sacamano

It's the most eager and willing non-improvisor participant on Whose Line Is It Anyway vs. the oft-referenced off-camera friend! 2016.08.21

EHG Mini: Drunk Genie Scenario

All-ages TV hangouts go speakeasy! 2016.08.18

George Costanza's Under-Desk Fort vs. Murphy Brown's Parade Of Secretaries

It's an ideal mid-day napping solution vs. giving Human Resources a run for their money! 2016.07.15

George Costanza's Under-Desk Fort vs. The Nosy Sitcom Neighbor

It's an ideal mid-day napping solution vs. the neighbor who always knew... something was up! 2016.07.14

Yahweh Or No Way vs. George Costanza's Under-Desk Fort

It's Stephen Colbert's Most Catholicest Moment vs. an ideal mid-day napping solution! 2016.07.13

Did Must See TV Spawn Today's Lady Antiheroines?

Liz Ball is not a crackpot; she just thinks the complex ladies of today's TV would be nothing without Elaine & Co. 2016.07.08

From The Desk Of Warren Littlefield: The Must See TV Crossovers That Could Have Been

Airlifting a character from one TV show into another was a common practice for Must See TV shows. But the network could have done more -- and would have, had anyone followed through on this beautiful fever dream. 2016.07.08

Ten Moments When We Knew Seinfeld's Elaine Benes Would Be President Someday

Charting a path from the Upper West Side to the West Wing. 2016.07.07

Seinfeld Asks: Did Kimberly Steal Jo's Baby?

Consider the consequences carefully before you say you don't know. 2016.07.05S06.E15

Kramer Stole A Lot Of Jerry's Food On Seinfeld

But we actually thought he did it MORE than this supercut suggests? 2016.06.24

'Get Out!' vs. The Kwanzaa Cake

It's Elaine's history of assault and battery vs. Sandra Lee's grossest concoction! 2016.06.14

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