EHG 144: Rising To The Challenge's 372nd Season

jk, it's 'only' Season 29 -- but will this round of innovations breathe new life into MTV's old warhorse? Kim Reed has thoughts! 2017.02.08

Dr. Cox's female nicknaming vs. New Boot Goofin'

It's heckling subordinates for laughs vs. the joys of footwear! 2016.08.03

The Head Crusher vs. Dr. Cox's female nicknaming

It's the little dweeb who dominated the world with his thumb and index finger vs. heckling subordinates for laughs! 2016.08.02

Royal Pains Faces Scrubs In The Battle Of The Medical Musicals

Just in time for...the end of the series, Royal Pains rolls out a special musical episode about a woman with a brain bleed hallucinating musical numbers. How does it stack up to the time the very same thing happened to a patient on Scrubs? 2016.06.29S08.E07

Many Many TV 'First Rule Of Fight Club' References In One Supercut

Remember when that line showed up on TV almost nightly? 2016.05.24

EHG Mini: Get Professional Help

Getting through a car accident with the help of a TV dream team. 2016.04.22

Veronica Mars Tasing A Frat Boy vs. Don't Smother Your Kids PSA

It's an entirely appropriate reaction to being told you're worth 210 points vs. Scrubs' Helpful Parenting Tip! 2016.01.26

Things You May Remember Troy McClure From vs. Legal Custodians

It's a Simpsons filmology vs. Ted and the Janitor's fantasy sitcom! 2015.12.22

Elaine's Christmas Card vs. Messing With The Warrior

It's a Yuletide nip slip vs. Scrubs' most competitive husband! 2015.11.11

Laverne's Church Choir vs. Gene Gene The Dancing Machine

It's the most heavenly revenge you can get vs. The Gong Show's artist-in-residence! 2015.05.04

EHG 63: Dancing With The Gladiators

EHG Mark 1 star and PTV contributor Kim Reed is back to wonder what the Huck is up with Scandal and Dancing With The Stars. 2015.03.24

EHG Mini: The Perfect Song

What shows have used music best to describe a moment, or let characters sing and dance? We looked back and got emotional all over again. 2013.11.21


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