Scooby Doo

Ben Sisko's Baseball vs. The Mystery Machine

It's both a national pastime and a convenient metaphor for linear existence vs. like, the grooviest van ever! 2017.03.30

The Mercy of River Song vs. Scrappy Slam

It's a woman who scares even space-Nazis vs. that time Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc. slammed it's own past... hard.! 2017.02.04

EHG Mini: Sex With Cartoons

The animated characters we'd get it on with (or "date"). Warning: gross. 2015.01.23

Scooby Doo's Truthful TV Title Card

Arother ritle card rom a rore ronest race! 2013.12.19

EHG Mini: My Animated Family

What if we could choose our families -- from the animated-show character pool? 2013.12.19