EHG 15: Crazy Name Mom Jeans

Guest Jeff Drake joins us to discuss the Homeland and Scandal finales and more, more, more! 2013.12.16

Olivia Pope: Adult Child Of High-Stakes Anti-Government Ops With Hundreds Of Innocent Casualties

Scandal's fall finale challenges Liv to determine which of her parents is the true villain. Unfortunately, it's both. 2013.12.13S03.E10

Person Of No Interest

Quinn is an annoying moron, and Scandal is better off without her. 2013.12.06

All The Dial's A Stage

Sound Of Music Live, Psych -- the musical's having a moment. Eight more candidates for the song-and-dance treatment. 2013.12.06

Mommy On The Lam

Liv careens between catatonia and pure adrenaline as she tries to figure out how to keep her parents away from each other, pretty much. 2013.12.06S03.E09

How Much Crazier Can Scandal Get?

And if it does get crazier, will it be more or less watchable? 2013.12.05

Fitz Shows Liv His Cabin In The Woods

Careful, Liv! It's full of monsters, just like in the movie! 2013.11.22S03.E08

The Beards, You Wear, Your Forehead Wrinkles Just Give You Away. This Beard, You Wear It's... Un-a-beard-able!

Scandal busts out the worst attempt to make an old guy fifteen years younger in the history of television. 2013.11.15S03.E07

The More You Know About Mellie's Backstory, The More You Might Really Hate Olivia Pope

Let's dig into what might be the most scandalous Scandal yet. 2013.11.15S03.E07

Planes, Campaigns, And The Terrorist Who Might Be Coming To Kill Harrison

Olivia decides which Presidential campaign she's going to work on, though the fact that she just learned the truth about her mother's death is kind of distracting. 2013.11.08S03.E06

Credible Presidential Candidacy vs. Secret Baby

Josephine Marcus enlists Olivia Pope & Associates to deal with that whole pregnant-at-fifteen cover-up thing -- with, let's say, mixed results. 2013.11.01S03.E05

Masters Of Sexts

Suddenly everywhere: fictional versions of Anthony Weiner! Except this one -- Liv's new sexting Senator of a client -- maybe killed one of his sextees. 2013.10.25S03.E04

EHG 9: Warrior Women of the Small Screen

Joined by special guest Nick Rheinwald-Jones, the gang talks about their favorite -- and least favorite -- lady bad-asses. Plus we ask if Dave will hate this weird-sounding Egyptian show Fox is doing. Plus TV themes in Game Time! 2013.10.22

Way Down In The Hole

People get into and out of various kinds of traps in the latest Scandal. 2013.10.18S03.E03

Parents Just Don't Understand

A flashback-y look at what caused Liv and Eli's falling out five years ago, and how it's still affecting things for him and her and basically everyone around them today. 2013.10.11S03.E02

Gladiators Or Mounties?

Everyone wanted to actually murder everyone else in the Scandal premiere but more importantly CYRUS SAID 'CANADA' LET'S TALK ABOUT THAT!!! 2013.10.04S03.E01

EHG Mini: Dave's TV Forcening

What did Dave think of the TV episode Joe chose for him to sample? 2013.10.04

I Object!

Our legal correspondent lists the ways TV sets up new attorneys for crushing disappointment. 2013.08.28

Paula Deen Has Hired The Real-Life Olivia Pope

Ripped-from-the-headlines Scandal, anyone?! 2013.06.26

Drill, Baby, Drill

This is our last Scandal before fall? Why, the wait is going to be torture. 2013.05.17S02.E22


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