Parents Just Don't Understand

A flashback-y look at what caused Liv and Eli's falling out five years ago, and how it's still affecting things for him and her and basically everyone around them today. 2013.10.11S03.E02

Gladiators Or Mounties?

Everyone wanted to actually murder everyone else in the Scandal premiere but more importantly CYRUS SAID 'CANADA' LET'S TALK ABOUT THAT!!! 2013.10.04S03.E01

EHG Mini: Dave's TV Forcening

What did Dave think of the TV episode Joe chose for him to sample? 2013.10.04

I Object!

Our legal correspondent lists the ways TV sets up new attorneys for crushing disappointment. 2013.08.28

Paula Deen Has Hired The Real-Life Olivia Pope

Ripped-from-the-headlines Scandal, anyone?! 2013.06.26

Drill, Baby, Drill

This is our last Scandal before fall? Why, the wait is going to be torture. 2013.05.17S02.E22

Love, American Style

Book lovers never go to bed alone, and other pearls of spycraft. 2013.05.03S02.E20

Yearning Love

By now, everyone should have stopped rooting for Fitz and Liv to get together. But this commentator hasn't. And she doesn't feel great about it. 2013.04.26S02.E19

Sucks To Be Jay Karnes (On TV)

This guy just has a lot of bad luck. 2013.03.22S02.E16

'There Could Have Been LOTS Of Reasons He Was Holding The Paper Like That!'

"I had other questions too, and I think they were all good questions." 2013.02.22S02.E15

The Grudging Fellatio Recipient

"Dear 'Penthouse,' You're never noing to believe this, but I was just trying to drink my morning scotch in the shower like all good Presidents do, when...." 2013.02.15S02.E14

Scandal Serves Up A Presidential Love Triangle

It's hard to root for the First Lady, but it's also hard not to. 2012.12.07S02.E08

Curl Up In Scandal As Though It Were A Cashmere Blanket

It's okay to save Scandal for Friday nights. You might even prefer it! 2012.09.28

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