Ripped From The Headlines

Olivia tries to help the police deal with a police-involved shooting of a black kid, but then wonders if she's on the side of justice. 2015.03.06S04.E14

Ride Or Die

Everyone who loves Olivia and wants to save her, take a step forward. Not so fast, Cyrus. 2015.02.20S04.E13

High Bidder

Olivia's plan to get auctioned off to the highest bidder doesn't go exactly as planned. 2015.02.13S04.E12

Proof Of Life

Olivia's captors reveal their motivation: blackmailing Fitz. 2015.02.06S04.E11

They're Going To Take You

We get to see how Olivia was taken in the midseason cliffhanger, and what happened next, which was that Olivia must not have time to watch many movies. 2015.01.30S04.E10

Let's Count The Inaccuracies In 'Scandal's Katie Lowes: Quinn Is the "Glue" Keeping OPA Together'

This lady is watching a different show from the rest of us. 2014.12.05

Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing

Even though all of the B6-13 agents are being murdered and Lizzie and the Veep are trying to force a war in West Angola. 2014.11.21S04.E09

Making Enemies

Olivia, Fitz, and Jake have to work together (ha!) to bring down Rowan (ha ha!). 2014.11.14S04.E08

Game Recognize Game

Olivia uses her father's own tactics to reveal the truth about Fitz's son's murder. 2014.11.07S04.E07

Who's Lying Now?

Olivia wants to believe Jake is innocent, but then she gets duped by Brian Benben and can't trust her instincts. 2014.10.31S04.E06

EHG 48: The Extra Hot Great TV Cop Special

Listen in on the TV Cop roll call! 2014.10.27

True Confessions

Huck, Rowan, Fitz, and David all have confessions to make this week. (And even though Jake's the one who's actually under interrogation, he still isn't talking.) 2014.10.24S04.E05

EHG 47: The Trip Has Spoken

The gang is joined by Survivor survivor Trip Payne to discuss all things Probst. Plus, a very unusual Game Time! 2014.10.21


Fitz's daughter gets involved in a potential sex tape scandal, and Olivia has to nip it in the bud. Meanwhile, Jake thinks he might finally have the chance to nail Rowan to the wall, so that should totally work out. 2014.10.17S04.E04

Battle Of The Quinns

What's in a name? That which we call a government spook by any other name would still be as troubled. 2014.10.16

First Lady...Of Murder!

Scandal gets up to the usual trouble, but Mellie's got a new focus -- and maybe a new career! 2014.10.10S04.E03

Hero Worship

Fitz invites a Hero Couple to the State of the Union, but like everyone else on this show, they are terrible people. 2014.10.03S04.E02

Just When Liv Thought She Was Out…

They pull her back in. Well, actually she jumps back in. 2014.09.26S04.E01

Scandal's Hiring A Netflix Star? Why Stop With Portia de Rossi?

A piece of Season 4 casting news inspires our list of suggestions for other Netflix stars who could be useful in and around Olivia Pope & Associates. 2014.07.24


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