Saturday Night Live: S39

What Will Happen When Andy Samberg Hosts Saturday Night Live?

Prepare to see Justin Timberlake -- even more than you normally prepare to see him on SNL in any given week. 2014.05.16S39.E21

What Will Happen When Charlize Theron Hosts Saturday Night Live (this time)?

Which prospect is less appealing: Seth MacFarlane walk-on, or Sean Penn walk-on? 2014.05.09S39.E20

What Will Happen When Seth Rogen Hosts (this time)?

Other than that he'll do it Like A Boss? 2014.04.11S39.E18

What Will Happen When Anna Kendrick Hosts?

It's not too late for another Twilight spoof, right? 2014.04.04S39.E17

What Will Happen When Louis C.K. Hosts SNL (this time)?

Should we assume he is what broke up Gwyneth and Chris?! 2014.03.28S39.E16

What Will Happen When Lena Dunham Hosts?

And remember: she can't be fully nude on live TV or can she?! 2014.03.07S39.E15

What Will Happen When Jim Parsons Hosts?

Other than that nerds will be happy. 2014.02.28S39.E14

What Will Happen When Melissa McCarthy Hosts (this time)?

A Sandra Bullock walk-on is probably not likely, but wouldn't we have thought that about Leonardo DiCaprio this time last week? 2014.01.31S39.E13

What Will Happen When Jonah Hill Hosts (this time)?

Or is Kate McKinnon's Justin Bieber the only thing that matters? 2014.01.24S39.E12

What Will Happen When Drake Hosts?

A triumphant return for Wheelchair Jimmy, mayhap? 2014.01.17S39.E11

What Will Happen When Jimmy Fallon Hosts (this time)?

You can take Barry Gibb Talk Show straight to the bank. 2013.12.20S39.E10

What Will Happen When Paul Rudd Hosts (this time)?

A Ron Burgundy walk-on seems kind of likely. 2013.12.06S39.E08

Watch Two Best Buy Employees Rank On All Their Co-Workers

'The Geek Squad? More like...The Geek Squad!' 2013.11.25S39.E07

What Will Happen When Josh Hutcherson Hosts?

One is that you might learn who he is. Might. 2013.11.22S39.E07

What Will Happen When Lady Gaga Hosts?

PLEASE let her play Courtney Stodden! 2013.11.15S39.E06

What Will Happen When Kerry Washington Hosts?

Finally, the writers can break out all the material they've been saving for a non-white woman! 2013.11.01S39.E05

What Will Happen When Edward Norton Hosts?

A Courtney Love walk-on is probably too much to hope for...or is it?! 2013.10.25S39.E04

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