Saturday Night Live: S38

What Will Happen When Kristen Wiig Hosts?

We wish there would be one last "Two A-Holes," but we have to be realistic. 2013.05.10S38.E20

This Post Is Really Gre--

This cut-at-dress sketch from the latest SNL might be funnier than anything in the episode. Plus: all those corrections from Fox & Friends. 2013.05.06S38.E19

What Will Happen When Zach Galifianakis Hosts (This Time)?

And will he shave his beard mid-show again? 2013.05.03S38.E19

What Will Happen When Vince Vaughn Hosts (This Time)?

Warning: Vince Vaughn no longer looks like this. 2013.04.12S38.E18

What Will Happen When Kevin Hart Hosts?

They've already done one short joke, but there could easily be more. 2013.03.01S38.E15

What Will Happen When Christoph Waltz Hosts?

Every time something I predicted comes to pass, you'll be like, "That's a bingo!" Right? 2013.02.15S38.E14

What Will Happen When Justin Bieber Hosts?

He's not going to be high, is he?! 2013.02.08S38.E13

What Will Happen When Adam Levine Hosts?

Percentage chance that he'll spin around in a big red chair: 100. 2013.01.25S38.E12

What Will Happen When Jennifer Lawrence Hosts?

Other than that she will be adorable, of course. 2013.01.18S38.E11

What Will Happen When Martin Short Hosts?

It'll probably be pretty great, I must say! 2012.12.14S38.E10

What Will Happen When Jamie Foxx Hosts (this time)?

If it's not so great, Blame It On The Alcohol. Right? 2012.12.07S38.E09

What Will Happen When Jeremy Renner Hosts?

You know -- renowned yukster Jeremy Renner? 2012.11.16S38.E08

What Will Happen When Anne Hathaway Hosts (this time)?

Will she sing in nine sketches, or keep it to a tight five? 2012.11.09S38.E07

Louis C.K.'s Episode Of Saturday Night Live Keeps On Giving

Further reading/viewing from this weekend's SNL. 2012.11.05S38.E06

What Will Happen When Louis C.K. Hosts?

Did he only agree to do it if Lorne Michaels let him direct, edit, and write all the music? 2012.11.02S38.E06

What Will Happen When Christina Applegate Hosts?

An Ed O'Neill walk-on is probably a long shot. Or is it?! 2012.10.12S38.E04


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