Saturday Night Live

Cecily Strong Leapfrogs SNL's Fake News Team To Host The Nation's Biggest News/Comedy Event

Tara's not a crackpot. She just thinks Cecily Strong's White House Correspondents' Dinner gig is a bad omen for Weekend Update's Jost/Che era. 2014.11.19

What Will Happen When Woody Harrelson Hosts Saturday Night Live (this time)?

Has the True Detective spoof train already sailed? 2014.11.14S40.E06

What Will Happen When Chris Rock Hosts Saturday Night Live (this time)?

And given his New Girl guest shot, why isn't Prince doing double duty?! 2014.10.31S40.E05

What Will Happen When Jim Carrey Hosts Saturday Night Live (this time)?

Finally, he gets his chance to play Rick Scott! 2014.10.24S40.E04

What Will Happen When Bill Hader Hosts Saturday Night Live?

Setting the over-under for alumni cameos at 9. 2014.10.10S40.E03

What Will Happen When Sarah Silverman Hosts Saturday Night Live?

And which junior cast member will get to play the Ebola virus? 2014.10.03S40.E02

EHG 43: Madam Secretary's Diplomatic Immunity Is Revoked

Allison Lowe Huff joins us to talk Madam Secretary, Star Trek: TNG, and charisma vacuums. 2014.09.23

Live From New York Is Back. It's 30% Longer And At Least 20% Better!

Finally, the inside story of Dooneese and "What's Up With That" can be told. In one paragraph apiece, so there's room for nine pages on Stefon. 2014.09.19

SNL Season 40: The First-Time Hosts We'd Like To See

With Season 39 barely cold in the ground, it's time already to look ahead to the future! 2014.05.23

What Will Happen When Andy Samberg Hosts Saturday Night Live?

Prepare to see Justin Timberlake -- even more than you normally prepare to see him on SNL in any given week. 2014.05.16S39.E21

What Will Happen When Charlize Theron Hosts Saturday Night Live (this time)?

Which prospect is less appealing: Seth MacFarlane walk-on, or Sean Penn walk-on? 2014.05.09S39.E20

What Will Happen When Seth Rogen Hosts (this time)?

Other than that he'll do it Like A Boss? 2014.04.11S39.E18

What Will Happen When Anna Kendrick Hosts?

It's not too late for another Twilight spoof, right? 2014.04.04S39.E17

Calling All SNL Alumni! On Their Cell Phones!

Where 'Not Ready For Primetime' means having unlimited night and weekend minutes. 2014.04.02

Hannibal Buress Just Mumbles What Everyone Else Is Thinking

He's sharing his filterless musings on sitcoms, standup stages -- and, soon, the big screen. 2014.03.28

What Will Happen When Louis C.K. Hosts SNL (this time)?

Should we assume he is what broke up Gwyneth and Chris?! 2014.03.28S39.E16

Battle Of The Men's Rights Activists

Did Kroll Show or Saturday Night Live do a better job portraying men's true struggle in society today? 2014.03.11

What Will Happen When Lena Dunham Hosts?

And remember: she can't be fully nude on live TV or can she?! 2014.03.07S39.E15


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