Saturday Night Live

EHG Mini: Informative Shows

The series that helped and/or messed us up in our youths! 2015.07.22

Is The Bachelorette's Ian Thomson The Most Embarrassing TV Princetonian Ever?

In the solar system of cringeworthy Tigers, someone's got to be Uranus. Sarah D. Bunting '94 made a list. 2015.06.22

SNL Season 41: The First-Time Hosts We'd Like To See

The writers have had almost a whole week off since the Season 40 finale. Time's a-wasting to start planning Season 41! 2015.05.22

What Will Happen When Dwayne Johnson/The Rock Hosts Saturday Night Live (this time)?

Other than that he'll charm the pants off everyone watching, obviously. 2015.03.27S40.E16

EHG Mini: Ad It Up

Ad pitchmen/women: you're getting called up to the majors. 2015.03.19

What Will Happen When Chris Hemsworth Hosts Saturday Night Live?

It's just too bad for all of us that he's so tough to look at. 2015.03.06

What Will Happen When Dakota Johnson Hosts Saturday Night Live?

And how many bondage sketches do you think she was pitched (in dozens)? 2015.02.27

EHG 60: Tough Cookies

Mark Blankenship returns to the Blankenship chair to talk about Empire, Roseanne, and much more. 2015.02.24

Stop Trying To Make Betty White Re-Happen

It's enough already, Saturday Night Live (cc contemporary comedy in general). 2015.02.16

What Will Happen When Blake Shelton Hosts Saturday Night Live?

Will someone successfully talk him out of a pro-American Sniper monologue/tirade? 2015.01.23S40.E12

EHG Mini: Making It Big

Whose TV-to-movie trajectory is the most surprising -- and who's not getting enough gold? 2015.01.22

What Will Happen When Kevin Hart Hosts Saturday Night Live?

Will he host like a lady but Think Like A Man? 2015.01.16S40.E11

Watch Saturday Night Live's Serial Parody

Let's hope you don't find it too hard to swallow. 2014.12.22S40.E10