Saturday Night Live

Watch The Ladies Of Saturday Night Live Serenade The Guys Who First Made Them Horny

We're talking possibly-doomed crushes in Lunch And A Show! 2015.11.16

What Will Happen When Elizabeth Banks Hosts Saturday Night Live?

And how many Effie Trinket wigs are already on site? 2015.11.13S41.E05

Empire, Survivor, Carol Burnett, And Jackie Taylor All Invite You To Pick A Fight

Whether you're battling church giggles, a blindside, or looking like an idiot, Lunch And A Show is in your corner. 2015.11.12

EHG 94: Less Kissing, More Superpowers

That's Monty Ashley's recommendation as he joins us for superhero TV talk, a Nonac, alphabet Game Time, and more! 2015.11.10

What Will Happen When Donald Trump Hosts Saturday Night Live (this time)?

Other than that we'll all be disgusted that it's happening? 2015.11.06S41.E04

Donald Trump Claims His Imminent SNL Hosting Gig Was Originally Just Going To Be A Sketch

And more bad politics deployed for the sake of good TV! 2015.11.04

A Petition Urges NBC To Revoke Its Invitation For Donald Trump To Host Saturday Night Live

We're looking at recent instances of TV wearing its Bad Idea Jeans in Lunch And A Show! 2015.10.19

Lissen Lissen Lissen: Lunch And A Show Loves You Guyssshhh

Hookups and benders and fights, oh my! 2015.10.14

Fallon Gets Queened vs. Donna's Red Lights Speech

It's a kiss worth a thousand words vs. not stopping for a beer on the way to the hospital! 2015.10.10

What Will Happen When Amy Schumer Hosts Saturday Night Live?

And who's more likely to do a walk-on: Bill Hader, LeBron James, or Chuck Schumer? 2015.10.09S41.E02

Joey Reads Little Women vs. Fallon Gets Queened

It's another book for the freezer vs. a kiss worth a thousand words! 2015.10.09

Premiere Coverage, Programming Your Weekend, And Foley Artistry

What to watch, what didn't GET watched, and your favorite Scott Foley role in Lunch And A Show. 2015.10.02

What Will Happen When Miley Cyrus Hosts Saturday Night Live (for a third time)?

And who will debut a flawless Cecile Richards impression? 2015.10.02S41.E01


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