Saturday Night Live

EHG 105: Ringing In A New Season Of Better Call Saul

The Breaking Bad prequel is back, and so is Jeff Drake, plus Fargo and criminals! 2016.02.16

Watch The Most Notable Moments Of Melissa McCarthy's 4-and-1/16th Time Hosting Saturday Night Live

The Ghostbusters star is strong as always...but a flighty '90s fashion maven kind of steals the show out from under her anyway. 2016.02.14S41.E13

Watch The Most Notable Moments Of Ronda Rousey's Saturday Night Live Début

Yes, she was the host. But if you blinked, you probably missed her. 2016.01.24S41.E11

Watch Ronda Rousey's Saturday Night Live Promos

More hosts should body-slam cast members, in my opinion. 2016.01.21S41.E11

Watch Adam Driver's SNL Promos

Warning: may cause you to crave diner fries. 2016.01.13S41.E10

Jean vs. Rambaldi Goo

It's a whole thing vs. Alias' big red MacGoofan! 2015.12.29

Jean vs. Narm

It's a whole thing vs. going six feet under with limited vocabulary! 2015.12.28

The Many Names of David Ryder vs. Jean

It's Blast Hardcheese! Punch Rockgroin! Big McLargehuge! vs. a whole thing! 2015.12.27

Our Longing For A&E's Daybreaks Programming Block Remains Undiminished

Plus midseason finales, reality premieres, and a Hartman biopic in Lunch And A Show. 2015.12.03

Watch Saturday Night Live's Compilation Of Failed Star Wars Auditions

Was someone maybe too hasty about Hamm Solo, though? 2015.11.23S41.E06

Robots vs. September

It's the #1 cause of death for those over 50 years of age vs. the best Family Feud answer ever! 2015.11.22

Sterling Archer's Voicemail vs. Robots

It's the most annoying on-going prank on TV vs. the #1 cause of death for those over 50 years of age! 2015.11.21


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