Saturday Night Live

Watch The Tom Hanks-Filled Promos For This Week's SNL

Hanks will be hosting, with Lady Gaga as the musical guest. But, uh -- can Leslie Jones be in every sketch with him? 2016.10.20S42.E04

Watch Highlights From Emily Blunt's Perfectly Fine Saturday Night Live Appearance

Maybe one too many Trump sketches, but the Girl On The Train actress is winning. 2016.10.16S42.E03

Watch Emily Blunt's SNL Promos

Who knew you need prop pizza for a promo? HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO FILM THESE THINGS?! 2016.10.12S42.E03

Watch Molly Shannon Earn Herself A Crotch Blur On Watch What Happens Live

That's what happens when you try to mix Housewives with vintage sketch comedy. 2016.10.12

Watch Michael Che And Colin Jost Chat About The Debate On Watch What Happens Live

See what Michael Che truly thinks about those undecided voters. 2016.10.10

Watch The Highlights From Lin-Manuel Miranda's Debut On Saturday Night Live

Did America's Revolutionary Sweetheart rap his way into comedy history? 2016.10.09S42.E02

Watch The Highlights From Margot Robbie's Debut On Saturday Night Live

Will there be Trump and Hillary jokes? Oh, yes. Plenty of them. 2016.10.02S42.E01

Watch Margot Robbie's Saturday Night Live Promos

Prepare to be shocked by her anti-raccoon stance. 2016.09.28S42.E01

Margot Robbie Will Host Saturday Night Live's Season 42 Premiere

No, that's not Gillian Jacobs. But it's an understandable error. 2016.09.22S42.E01

Watch Bill Hader Talk About How SNL's Infamous 'Californians' Sketch Came To Be On Late Night With Seth Meyers

Admit it. Even if you hated it back then, you probably miss it now. 2016.09.14S03.E158

Watch Tracy Morgan Chat With Howard Stern About Saturday Night Live And His Incredible Journey

Morgan gets real about how hard it was to get back into the world of comedy, and credits his friends for helping him take that step. 2016.08.17

Mary Carillo's Badminton Rant vs. Ashlee Simpson on SNL

It's a five-ring smackdown vs. trying a distracting jig! 2016.08.15

Jay Pharoah And Taran Killam Won't Be Returning To Saturday Night Live

Goodbye, Principal Frye. Goodbye, Jebidiah Atkinson. 2016.08.09

The Time SNL Boldly Went Where No One Had Gone Before

Everyone remembers William Shatner telling Trekkers to get a life, but do you remember when Khan shut the Enterprise down for a health code violation? 2016.07.25S12.E08

Golden Girls Cheesecake vs. 'I Just Had Sex'

It's problems solving problems via calories vs. The Lonely Island's ode to unsatisfactory love-making! 2016.06.22

Watch Will Forte Share 7 Minutes In Heaven With Mike O'Brien

With a special appearance by America's favourite condiment! 2016.06.16

SNL Season 42: The First-Time Hosts We'd Like To See

New celebrities come along every year. Which ones should graduate to sketch comedy stars when Saturday Night Live returns in the fall? 2016.06.10


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