Saturday Night Live

See John Cena Wrestle With His Debut Saturday Night Live Hosting Gig

See what we did there? Still transfixed by those gigantic biceps. 2016.12.11S42.E09

Watch John Cena's Saturday Night Live Promo

In which he reveals he already has a favourite cast member. 2016.12.07S42.E09

Watch Highlights of Emma Stone Hosting Saturday Night Live For The Third Time

Sure hope you like humor about teenagers and high school! 2016.12.04S42.E08

Angry Emily Gilmore vs. Crystal Gravy

It's Mother Gilmore destroying Shira Huntzberger vs. a see-through treat for your meat! 2016.11.30

See The Best of Kristin Wiig's Pre-Thanksgiving Hosting From Saturday Night Live

Less pointed Trump humor, more jokes about gravy boats and killing time at Target. 2016.11.20S42.E07

EHG Mini: The Big Bang For Your Buck Theory

Small-batch product placements from the EHG panel. 2016.11.18

The Acropolis Where The Parthenon Is vs. NPH Does the Doogie Theme

It's what do they say, what do they say? vs. an SNL nostalgia trip! 2016.11.14

Check Out The Best Of Dave Chappelle's Much-Anticipated Hosting Of Saturday Night Live

Emotions are raw, but laughs are plentiful when Chappelle and A Tribe Called Quest take the stage. 2016.11.13S42.E06

EHG 134: Going Long With Saturday Night Live

Omar Gallaga returns to talk about the sketch show/American comedy institution! 2016.11.07

Check Out The Best Of Last Night's Saturdict Cumbernight Live

Benedict Cumberbatch's Saturday Night Live starts out great, but gets a little strange. 2016.11.06S42.E05

Dave Chappelle Will Host Saturday Night Live November 12

Perfect time to revive his blind black Klansman character. (Sadly.) 2016.11.04S42.E06

Watch A Doctor Strange-esque Teaser Trailer For This Week's Saturday Night Live

Let's see if Cumberbatch can handle live television. (He probably can.) 2016.11.02

Watch A Saturday Night Live Halloween-Themed Supercut Which Features The Best Spooky Sketches

There's no David S. Pumpkins, but there is Drunk Uncle. So, it's definitely worthy. 2016.10.31

Listen To The Isolated Vocals From Lady Gaga's Saturday Night Live Performance

Let's just say she'd never have to 'hoedown' off the stage like certain other performers. 2016.10.27S42.E04

Benedict Cumberbatch Will Be Hosting The November 5th Episode Of Saturday Night Live

Solange Knowles will be joining him, which should equal a pretty terrific show. 2016.10.24S42.E05

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