Saturday Night Live

See Highlights From Rogue One Star Felicity Jones's Saturday Night Live Debut

Was The Force with the first new episode of 2017? 2017.01.15S42.E11

Watch Felicity Jones's Saturday Night Live Promo

For support, she brought some pals with her from a galaxy far, far away. 2017.01.11S42.E11

'Piece By Piece' vs. David S. Pumpkins

It's Kelly Clarkson making everyone cry vs. a classic Halloween scare! 2017.01.11

Season's Greetings From Tonto, Tarzan, And Frankenstein vs. Pizzaland

It's a monotone carol vs. an iconic business from the Sopranos credits! 2016.12.26

Season's Greetings From Tonto, Tarzan, And Frankenstein vs. Sanders Claus

It's a monotone carol vs. a mischievous St. Nick from the Hartley House! 2016.12.25

Ding vs. Santa Baby

It's ding ding ding ding vs. a couple who really wants to meet Santa! 2016.12.20

See The Highlights From Casey Affleck's Debut Turn As Saturday Night Live Host

Did the actor's non-presence ruin the Christmas show? Not so much! 2016.12.18S42.E10

See John Cena Wrestle With His Debut Saturday Night Live Hosting Gig

See what we did there? Still transfixed by those gigantic biceps. 2016.12.11S42.E09

Watch John Cena's Saturday Night Live Promo

In which he reveals he already has a favourite cast member. 2016.12.07S42.E09

Watch Highlights of Emma Stone Hosting Saturday Night Live For The Third Time

Sure hope you like humor about teenagers and high school! 2016.12.04S42.E08

Angry Emily Gilmore vs. Crystal Gravy

It's Mother Gilmore destroying Shira Huntzberger vs. a see-through treat for your meat! 2016.11.30

See The Best of Kristin Wiig's Pre-Thanksgiving Hosting From Saturday Night Live

Less pointed Trump humor, more jokes about gravy boats and killing time at Target. 2016.11.20S42.E07