Royal Pains

Suiting Up For Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club And The Masked Singer

Kat Angus and Jocelyn Geddie join us to discuss two of the new year's most anticipated reality débuts! 2019.01.09

Bundle Up For A Wintry Round Of TV Forcenings

Daniel MacEachern joins Dave and Tara for our latest forcenings. Who gets snowed? 2017.11.29

As Royal Pains Ends, We List What We'll Miss About It Most

Summer's over, guys. FOREVER. 2016.07.06S08.E08

Royal Pains Faces Scrubs In The Battle Of The Medical Musicals

Just in time for...the end of the series, Royal Pains rolls out a special musical episode about a woman with a brain bleed hallucinating musical numbers. How does it stack up to the time the very same thing happened to a patient on Scrubs? 2016.06.29S08.E07

EHG Mini: Transplanting TV-eh

Moving beloved TV shows just a little ways north. 2016.06.29

As Royal Pains Pulls The Lawsons Apart Again, We Predict What Will Put Them Back Together

Boys! Don't fight! You only have like eighty-four more minutes to do it in! 2016.06.22S08.E06

Royal Pains's Sunny Concierge Doctor Seeks Hamptons Homebody

This concierge doctor is ready to settle down. Could you be the lady lucky enough to be around for him to grab when he does? 2016.06.15S08.E05

Does Royal Pains Even Need To Bother With Intra-Character Conflict Anymore?

And more not-quite-burning questions sparked by the 100th episode. 2016.06.08S08.E04

Royal Pains Lets Jeremiah Explore His Complex Relationship With His Biggest Rival

Frenemies Jeremiah and Rosie are forced to reconsider what they mean to each other. (Mostly the human; not so much the dog.) 2016.05.25S08.E02

EHG 116: The Heat Is On: Summer TV Preview

Kim Reed and the panel pick our most promising new shows, returning shows we're psyched for, and shows we couldn't care less about as the summer season ramps up. 2016.05.17

EHG 109: Pledging Allegiance To The Americans

Nick Rheinwald-Jones returns to join us in surveilling the Season 4 premiere of FX's spy drama! 2016.03.15

Cutting A Rug With Bond, Hamm, And The Hoff

Lunch And A Show celebrates the ol' manly chest pelt. 2015.08.20

Another Summer's Over, Guys

HankMed closes up shop for another season, more or less solving everyone's problems, which were all pretty small anyway. 2014.09.03S06.E13

What Fast Food Chain Would EVER Try To Bring A CLAM SANDWICH To Market?

And more not-quite-burning questions about the latest Royal Pains. 2014.08.20S06.E11

Will Emma Ever Live Down Her Sketchiness?

After this episode, things look good for her, but what about everyone else? We break it down. 2014.07.02S06.E04

Scandal's Signature Fashion Line At The Limited Is Only The Beginning!

We're brainstorming other collaborations between TV series and fashion retailers that could totally, totally happen. 2014.06.26

Private Doctor Meets Private Investigator

How does this week's Royal Pains score in seven key metrics? 2014.06.25S06.E03

Even Jeremiah's Linen Closet Is Perfect

The Royal Pains baby is ruining Jeremiah's shirt (and life), but at least that walk-in linen closet is ON POINT. 2014.06.18S06.E02

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