EHG 151: Spring Forward With Our Midseason Roundup!

John Ramos joins the panel to discuss all the new and returning TV we're mad for/meh on, plus DS9 and the hegemony of Chris Hardwick. 2017.04.05

Mary's Beret vs. Eating 15 Pancakes

It's an iconic hat-toss vs. fluffy, floury torture! 2017.02.22

EHG Mini: The New Review

Sentencing -- er, assigning! -- Review-style reviews to fellow panelists. 2016.06.16

Will Forrest Finally Make Sense Of His Life In Review's Season 2 Finale?

Your Magic 8-Ball's probably telling you 'all signs point to no.' 2015.10.01S02.E10

Watch Forrest Let A Magic 8-Ball Control Him In A Preview From Tomorrow's Review

This review makes him look like a real...ahem...jerk. 2015.09.16S02.E07

Review Launches Its Glory-ous Second Season

Forrest MacNeil returns to review life experiences, ruin his own life. 2015.07.30

Watch A Trailer For The Second Season Of Review

Bonus: we'll help you shop it! 2015.07.09

EHG 74: Hannibal: Food, Sex, And Death

The gang had an old friend for dinner when Joe Reid stopped by to talk Hannibal and the Emmys. Bon appetit! 2015.06.16

Under The (Franchised) Dome

When you've got a great idea, spread it around! Also do it with the Dome! 2014.08.11

EHG 30: Back To Louie

EHG Mark 1 star Will Leitch joins the gang to ponder Louie, review Review, and play a balls-out Game Time. 2014.05.05

Review Proves That Eating Fifteen Pancakes Is One Of The Worst Experiences A Person Can Have

Although, that's before this critic has to review divorce. 2014.03.20S01.E03

EHG 24: We Used To Be Friends

A couple of experts join us to talk about the Veronica Mars movie. Plus! The Nonac returns with a special collaborative submission! 2014.03.17

They Do Cocaine!

Cocaine addiction is guaranteed comedy. Everybody agrees with that. But when it comes to Review and Archer, who guarantees it more? 2014.03.11

Let's Review Review

Here's what you need to know about Andy Daly's new Comedy Central vehicle (the first episode of which gets a strong four stars out of five). 2014.03.06S01.E01


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