Hillary Clinton Could Take Fashion Inspiration From TV's Best-Dressed Ladies

Your editors flip around the dial to give the Democratic candidate a few makeover ideas. 2016.06.17

Fingerprints vs. Amanda Clarke's Tire Iron

It's one of the dirtiest jokes ever heard in a children's cartoon vs. Revenge's Most Reliable Way Of Shutting Someone Up! 2016.03.19

Mandatory Offensive Language vs. Victoria Grayson's Chair

It's a case for proofreading your memos vs. Revenge's throne of lies! 2016.01.14

Two Graves: Me Gravin' You, You Gravin' The Floor

Revenge ends with its final, defiant gasps of nonsense -- and we're there to tally them up! 2015.05.11S04.E23

What If Revenge Didn't Have To End?

Did you know, in an alternate timeline, ABC made several Revenge spinoffs? 2015.05.10

'I Can't Believe They Would Trick Me Like That!'

And six other things no one should say about Revenge at this point. 2015.05.04S04.E22

'Isn't That A Conflict Of Interest?'

With one line, Revenge both questions and revels in its nonsensical plot twists. Let's do the same! 2015.04.27S04.E21

Wait, Jack, Read This Before You Get On The Plane!

This week's Revenge, as told in quotes. 2015.04.20S04.E20

'That's A Lot Of Pottery Barn. Have You Got Something Lined Up For Next Season?'

In the first episode since Emily revealed her true identity, Revenge reveals its own true nature -- and its future as a series! 2015.04.13S04.E19

'We Need To Talk About Emily'

Suddenly everyone's telling the truth on Revenge -- including a biggie. Will it save the season, or is it a sign of the End? 2015.03.30S04.E18

Are These The Only Two Non-Dicks On Revenge?!

Ranking the dicks of Revenge, one dick at a time -- and #1 isn't who you dicking think it is. 2015.03.23S04.E17

Goof Troop

Sunday's Revenge had a case of the sillies. Here are the most ridiculous moments. 2015.03.16S04.E16

Revenge Is Back! Yay?

Between underwhelming supporting characters and a misunderstanding of its protagonist, Sunday's onetime go-to show may be too far gone. OR IS IT? 2015.03.09S04.E15

Wait, Were We Registered For A Murder-Knife?

Revenge balances the ridiculous and the heartfelt in its first post-big-story episode. Was it successful, or did it just sit there like a murder-knife on a coffee table? 2015.01.26S04.E14

Don't Try To Make Sense Of It, Malcolm

Revenge tries to wrap a LOT up in one episode. How many threads are left hanging? And how rotten can Emily get? 2015.01.19S04.E13

But You Haven't Heard The Specials!

A twisty Revenge has everyone feeling too uneasy to focus on anything for long. Bad for them, but is it good for us? 2015.01.12S04.E12

The New Odd Couple

On the first post-holiday Revenge, the Big Death takes its toll on our Hamptonites -- and creates a fun new living situation! 2015.01.05S04.E11

Batman And Batman Jr.

On Revenge, Emily and David can only interact in the shadows, with husky whispers. What's up with the families on Revenge, and who won't live to see Christmas? 2014.12.08S04.E10

Happy Shanksgiving!

As several parties jump on the who-stabbed-Conrad trail, the regular Revenge gang pairs off for some RealTalk. 2014.12.01S04.E09

You Never Came To My School Plays (In Juvenile Prison)

As Emily and David attempt to reconnect after all these years, any Revenge-watcher knows it'll take more band-aids than hankies. 2014.11.17S04.E08

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