Ray Donovan

We, Ourselves, And Us

Casting current TV actors as our younger -- and older -- selves. 2017.11.13


Was there anyone left to root for by the end of Ray Donovan's first season? 2013.09.23S01.E12

The Hebrew Hammer

In praise of Avi, Ray Donovan's #1 henchman. 2013.08.26S01.E09

Meet You All The Way

And if a character played by Rosanna Arquette can't entice Ray Donovan's Mickey to go all the way, that may not mean the transaction is over. 2013.08.19S01.E08

Ask Two Wealthy White Women Fleeing A Beverly Hills Security Guard

Ray Donovan's Abby and Deb put their casual shoplifting on hold to answer your questions. 2013.08.12S01.E07

Sunny Needs A Man She Can Trust Further Than She Can Spit

What is the Ray Donovan bit player looking for in a man? 2013.08.05S01.E06


As Ray continues surveilling Mickey and now Mickey trying to entrap Ezra and then Ray and Avi on the trail of Miller...look, whatever, what are the Donovan dog pack rankings this week? 2013.07.29S01.E05

Palm Springs Pack Attack!

Donovans explored some new corners of the Southland this week -- and...do we have a new pack leader? (Spoiler: yes.) 2013.07.22S01.E04

Nightmare Sex Dad

Played by Jon Voight, obviously. 2013.07.22S01.E04

Shows Renewed

We feel ways about them. 2013.07.16

Twerking Breeds

Who's leading the Ray Donovan dog pack in Episode 3? 2013.07.15S01.E03

Who's Ray Donovan's Alpha Dog This Week?

Ranking the pack for Episode 2. 2013.07.08S01.E02

Mickey Donovan: Straight Ally, Kind Of (But Not Really)

If you're thinking about letting one of your little friends give you a blowjob, Grandpa Donovan has some advice. 2013.07.07S01.E02

Ray Donovan: What You Need To Know

Running down some of the facts to get you up to speed on Showtime's new drama. 2013.07.01S01.E01


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