Did Miranda Mastermind Quantico's Hostage Exchange?

And more questions about 'Kubark'! 2016.10.24S02.E04

Miranda Quantican't With Quantico's Plotting

Examining her sub-operations, wardrobe, and other questionables. 2016.10.17S02.E03

Other Than Quantico, Where Can You Take Yoga With Blair Underwood?

And more not-quite-burning questions sparked by the latest episode! 2016.10.03S02.E02

Did Anyone On Quantico's Production Team Bother To Figure Out The New York City Logistics Of Its Season 2 Premiere?

And more not-quite-burning questions sparked by the episode's shiny hair, sexual tension, actual bombs, and more! 2016.09.25S02.E01

Mary Carillo's Badminton Rant vs. Magnificent Hair

It's a five-ring smackdown vs. hair that won't quit! 2016.08.17

Quantico Finally Catches The Bad Guy

Surprise! Twenty-two episodes and three bombs later, it's the terrorist we all expected, and yet another death by explosion. 2016.05.16S01.E22

Quantico Blows Someone Up. Again.

Has anyone enjoyed watching Liam burn this all to the ground? And other not-so-pressing questions. 2016.05.09S01.E21

What Happened In The Writers' Room Before Quantico's Big Reveal?

And more questions sparked by a predictably disappointing episode. 2016.05.02S01.E20

Quantico Stops And Stalls

Why can't they just name the terrorist already?! And other so-quite burning questions. 2016.04.25S01.E19

Can Quantico Get To The Point Already?

More distractions only lead to more not-so-burning questions. 2016.04.18S01.E18

Quantico's Coming Up Shelby

How can one future FBI agent be so, so dumb? 2016.04.11S01.E17

Is Quantico An Extended Scientology Metaphor?

And if so, can someone please cast Katie Holmes ASAP? 2016.04.04S01.E16

Is Marcia Cross Quantico's Big Bad?

And other not-so-burning questions from an episode that makes a hostage situation look par for the course. 2016.03.28S01.E15

Is Quantico Really A Beauty School?

Pondering the mystery of Alex's perfect look and other not-so-burning questions. 2016.03.21S01.E14

Does Quantico Care About Consequences?

Assessing the impact of the third bomb, and other burning questions. 2016.03.14S01.E13

Why Is It Impossible To Keep Anything On Quantico Straight?

The midseason return of Alex and Co. leaves us with some not-so-burning questions. 2016.03.06S01.E12

Bombs Away

We don't get answers just because the ABC promo department promises answers on Quantico. 2015.12.14S01.E11

Miranda's Methods Are Messy On Quantico

Simon comes clean and declares himself Not It while boss lady bosses Alex into making a bad decision. 2015.12.07S01.E10

Interrogating Alex

Caleb jumps over to Team Alex, Liam jumps down a bottle, and Booth gets beat up again. 2015.11.30S01.E09

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