Project Runway: S13

Char Thing

Char and Korina hug it out, Hernan chugs champers, and more from the Project Runway reunion. 2014.10.30S13.E15

Orange You Glad The Season's Over?

Sean's color pops, Kini's denim, Amanda's maxis, and Char's sportswear battle it out for Project Runway bragging rights. 2014.10.24S13.E14

Fail Caesar

It's the usual dullish first half of a Project Runway finale when the designers head to Rome and Tim heads to their homes. 2014.10.17S13.E13

Korina Hates Everyone And Everyone Hates Her

And: one of the final five gets run over, but by a Lexus, so it's okay. 2014.10.10S13.E12

The Last Auction Heroes

Project Runway meets Storage Wars. Uh, FINALLY!!! 2014.10.03S13.E11

The Bitch Is Back

Korina's better than everyone, and one designer gets zip/Gunned, in a real-woman challenge that doesn't look all that real to Sarah D. Bunting. 2014.09.26S13.E10

Welcome To The Doll's Auf

Designing for American Girl dolls (and their kid owners) gets one contestant kicked out of the playroom. 2014.09.19S13.E09

Rain Dunce

A 'rainway' presentation + a Samsung product placement + a meaningless 'avant-garde' brief = an episode that's all wet. 2014.09.12S13.E08

My Risky Valentine

A jewelry challenge, an emotional reunion, and a gamble that pays off (but shouldn't) on Project Runway. 2014.09.05S13.E07

Wedding Belles Are Wrangling

Another team challenge pairs up enemies to create unconventional wedding garb. Hashtag shut up Amanda, anyone? 2014.08.29S13.E06

Heidi's A Mess Of A Muse

Few get inspired by the challenge to make her a red carpet-worthy look for the Creative Arts Emmys; even the top looks are tired! 2014.08.22S13.E05

Ill Suited

The designers turn menswear looks into 'high fashion.' The judging turns Sarah's stomach. 2014.08.15S13.E04

Future Shock

The designers create looks inspired by 2034, 1994, and Deep Space 9. Sarah ranked 'em first to worst. 2014.08.08S13.E03

Angelas And Insects

An unconventional-materials challenge leads to some unconventional (read: "bad") judging, and one film fatale goes home. 2014.08.01S13.E02

Beat My Shorts

Project Runway returns, along with Nina Garcia's tiresomely unsuccessful Michael Kors homages and some side butt. Yay? 2014.07.25S13.E01

Fashion Slow

Unlucky Season 13 of Project Runway is here, and the executives at Lifetime who took the time to half-watch it are NOT amused. 2014.07.25S13.E01


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