Project Runway

Ill Suited

The designers turn menswear looks into 'high fashion.' The judging turns Sarah's stomach. 2014.08.15S13.E04

Future Shock

The designers create looks inspired by 2034, 1994, and Deep Space 9. Sarah ranked 'em first to worst. 2014.08.08S13.E03

Angelas And Insects

An unconventional-materials challenge leads to some unconventional (read: "bad") judging, and one film fatale goes home. 2014.08.01S13.E02

Shark! Or! 'Nado?!

It's the game that's sweeping the country: should a show have a shark added to the cast, or a tornado? 2014.07.30

Beat My Shorts

Project Runway returns, along with Nina Garcia's tiresomely unsuccessful Michael Kors homages and some side butt. Yay? 2014.07.25S13.E01

Fashion Slow

Unlucky Season 13 of Project Runway is here, and the executives at Lifetime who took the time to half-watch it are NOT amused. 2014.07.25S13.E01

No One Wears Clear Nail Polish In Real Life

Why do so many TV characters? Stephanie Cangro is not a crackpot. 2014.06.12

EHG 10: Should You Invest In Dracula?

We hope you washed your necks like our host requested! 2013.10.29

Russian Freddie Mercury In Retrograde

The Season 12 gang revisits Kengate and Helensterics while Russian Freddie Mercury staggers through a thicket of adverbs. 2013.10.25S12.E15

The Totally Normal Fashion Show Audience Member

Well, what do YOU look like when you attend a fashion show? 2013.10.18S12.E13

Justin Time

A winner is declared, after some of the weirdest and crappiest judging in the show's history. Should you watch? 2013.10.18S12.E14

Fashion: Weak

Poorly made mini-collections walk the runway, and Project Runway's finalists are decided. Should you watch? 2013.10.11S12.E13

Helen Of Oy

The competition nears its Fashion Week apex, and everyone cries a lot. What to watch and what to skip in last night's Project Runway. 2013.10.04S12.E12

What’s ASL For 'Your Dress Is Janky'?

Designers make their own prints, and a former villain is redeemed. Let us tell you how much of it you can skip. 2013.09.27S12.E11


Casting a jaundiced eye at one of the makeover episode's 'after' looks. 2013.09.20S12.E10

Fans With A Plan

The real-person challenge is back, but the drama's between Alexander and Ken. Should you watch? 2013.09.20S12.E10

EHG Mini: Important Reality TV Challenges

The EHG gang picks some memorable, important and fun reality TV challenges to talk about. 2013.09.19

Zac Posen: 20 Faces

A slideshow honoring the hilarious, horror-stricken reactions of our favorite Project Runway judge during the Belk challenge. Oh, also: Ken. 2013.09.17


The judges send the bottom three back to the workroom for a face-off, and a favorite gets the boot. What to watch (or give the Ken super-stink-eye). 2013.09.13S12.E09

Make It Work Out

Last night's Project Runway activewear challenge focuses on the wrong things, while Kors and Garcia have an unfunny-off. Should you bother? 2013.09.06S12.E08

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