Project Runway: Junior

Project Runway: Junior Crowns Its Second Champion

After the final collections are shown in L.A. (ew), one kid goes out on top, while the others are left to tote their own garment bags home. 2017.02.23S02.E10

Project Runway: Junior Heads To L.A., City Of Crushed Dreams, To Crush The Dream Of One Last Child

The penultimate episode pits Tieler against Hawwaa in a walk-off for the final finale spot. 2017.02.16S02.E09

Project Runway: Junior's Pre-Finale Challenge Gets Artsy

'White. Crushed. Velvet. What are we doing?!' - Christian. 2017.02.09S02.E08

Project Runway: Junior Takes Milan

This week's challenge is all about the 3 'C's: cheese, carbs, and couture. 2017.02.02S02.E07

Project Runway: Junior Is On Fire

Errrrr -- sort of. It's fire-adjacent, as this week's challenge has the kids designing for some very specific clients. 2017.01.26S02.E06

Project Runway: Junior Lights Up

This week's challenge has the kids working with LED lights to create a look that features LED lights. It's a challenge for challenge's sake. 2017.01.19S02.E05

Project Runway: Junior Steps Up To A Day-To-Night Challenge

This week's episode brings out the best in both the designers and the show, making an otherwise insufferable exercise in product placement work. 2017.01.12S02.E04

Project Runway: Junior Pairs Up For An En Garde/Avant-Garde Challenge

The season's first team challenge brings out the worst in one designer. 2017.01.05S02.E03

Project Runway Junior Jumps Into The Pool To Repeat Itself, Again

It's a new season, but repeated challenges have this feeling like a poorly executed repeat. 2016.12.29S02.E02

The New Class Is In Session On Project Runway: Junior

The bite-sized spin off kicks off Season 2 with questionable casting and questionable design. 2016.12.22S02.E01

Project Runway: Junior's Last Stop: Fashion Week

The designers are so excited, so scared, and so young that they don't get that reference to Saved By The Bell. 2016.02.05S01.E10

Making It Work

The four finalists work on their collections for Fashion Week, get stressed, get judged, and then we get spoiled. 2016.01.29S01.E09

Project Runway: Junior Unveils Its Pre-Finale Collection

This one's so emotional that Tim almost cries, you guys. 2016.01.22S01.E08

These #OOTDs Are OOC

It's the challenge and elimination everyone expects…with a twist. 2016.01.15S01.E07

Design Like No One Is Watching

The Knicks City Dancers commission the designers for some custom work; only one makes a crop top. 2016.01.08S01.E06

Recycling Neverland

Just like a red carpet, this episode is all flash and no substance. 2015.12.18S01.E05

Project Runway: Junior Dresses Girls On The Go

And the First Lady stops by! ...Sort of! 2015.12.11S01.E04

A Movie Wrapped In A TV Show Nestled Inside A Website

Plus, we wrap up Jessica Jones in more ways than one in Lunch And A Show. 2015.12.04

Project Runway: Junior Decodes Decades

The kids join forces on teams and annoy each other with their fabric choices. 2015.12.04S01.E03

Project Runway: Junior's Werking At The Car Wash

It's an unconventional materials challenge, y'all! 2015.11.19S01.E02

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