Project Greenlight

'Jason Mann Was So Much Fun To Hate,' And Other Thoughts On The Project Greenlight Cancellation

With the show seeking another home on streaming, your editors speculate on why HBO sacked it, and what's next for everyone's favorite Damonsplainee. 2016.07.27

EHG 93: TV That Battles Ghouls Between Giggles

Eve Batey joins us for a discussion of new horror comedy Ash Vs. Evil Dead and returning champ iZombie! 2015.11.03

Should You Kick Back With The Leisure Class?

Or is Project Greenlight's fourth-season film a stiff? 2015.11.02S04.E08

The Bitter End

Looking back at Project Greenlight's flawed, fascinating fourth season. 2015.11.02S04.E08

EHG 92: Supergirl Takes Her First Flight

Jeff Alexander joins us to talk about TV's latest DC Comics import. 2015.10.27

Happily Ever After

Principal shooting ends, a little too neatly. 2015.10.26S04.E07

EHG Mini: Gender Swap Meet

When The Golden Girls became The Bolden Boys. 2015.10.22

EHG 91: Raiding The Mini Bar With American Horror Story: Hotel

The gang talks AHS's latest bonkers chapter -- and because we felt a vacancy, an old friend is back. 2015.10.20

A Petition Urges NBC To Revoke Its Invitation For Donald Trump To Host Saturday Night Live

We're looking at recent instances of TV wearing its Bad Idea Jeans in Lunch And A Show! 2015.10.19

Passive-Aggression's Touching My Soul

They know what they want, but they just don't know / how to go about gettin' it. 2015.10.19S04.E06

Lunch And A Show Takes A Whack At Your Bloated DVR

Premieres, stunods, and the worst Sopranos episode ever. 2015.10.13

Remains Of The Shooting Day

Shouldn't we see more of Jason Mann not sucking? And other not-quite-burning questions about Project Greenlight. 2015.10.12S04.E05

'The Money Would Call His Bluff, In The End'

Sarah D. Bunting asked John Ramos to put his producer hat on for a Greenlight discussion. Related: John's billing for a new caps lock key. 2015.10.04S04.E04

EHG Mini: Weird Question Lightning Round III

Boy bands, Downton remakes, reality Thunderdomes, and more! Sooooo much more. 2015.10.02

EHG 89: It's The Most TV-ful Time Of The Year!

Jeff Drake joins us for a roundtable discussion of what most and least excites us on TV this fall. 2015.09.29

Lunch And A Show Comes Not To Bury Curtis, But To Praise Him

A Cliff Curtis supercut, plus finales, premieres, Alfred Bitchcock, and a casting quiz! 2015.09.28

The Three Faces Of Effie

Why the case of Brown v. Farrelly is so frustrating...and compelling. 2015.09.27S04.E03

The Best Mann For The Job

All the dickery of Project Greenlight, from first to worst. 2015.09.20S04.E02

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