Pretty Little Liars: S06

Thanks For Being Less Than Useless On Pretty Little Liars, Lieutenant Tanner

With cops like this, we should all just embrace anarchy. 2016.03.01S06.E18

Pretty Little Liars Doesn't Do Happy, Alison, You Idiot

The love in the air smells like a poisonous gas leak. Liane is not a crackpot. 2016.02.23S06.E17

Hanna's Torn Between Two Lovers On Pretty Little Liars And Only One Of Them Got An Ominous Egg Face

But Jordan has that sexy accent, which makes up for the sweaty weirdness. 2016.02.17S06.E16

Pretty Little Liars Are Breaking Into Hotel Rooms And Pitching Fits

Emily is the only one who has an excuse for acting hormonal, and she's the sane one. But how do their latest escapades affect the 'Not A' rankings? 2016.02.10S06.E15

There's A New Girl In Town On Pretty Little Liars Who Could Be Perfectly Nice Or Entirely Evil

Everyone's so grown up, except for the lying and the hiding and the generally freaking out. 2016.02.02S06.E14

Pretty Little Liars Redistributes Hanna's Sloppy Seconds

Sure, Hanna's happy for the new couple, because she's getting married! ...Right. 2016.01.27S06.E13

No One On Pretty Little Liars Has Learned Anything About Keeping Secrets In Six Seasons

In addition to lying, the Liars are also destroying evidence. But which is the likeliest killer? 2016.01.20S06.E12

Ask The Pretty Little Liars Judge Who Clearly Doesn't Understand What PTSD Looks Like

After five years, the poor, traumatized Liars are back, and after five years, they still can't get anyone to listen to them. 2016.01.13S06.E11

Pretty Little Liars Adds A Suspicious Red Hoodie To Its Wardrobe

Someone give a hoodie to Ali, because the cardigans are not working for her. 2015.07.29S06.E08

The Path to 'A' Is Covered In Sia Videos, Cookie Crumbs, And Crap Tattoos

Rosewood must be dumping something in the water supply to have this many former mental patients. 2015.07.01S06.E05

The Liars Are Desperately Seeking Answers, Privacy, And Pot Brownies

Given the bloody flashbacks, Spencer probably could score her own medicinal marijuana license. 2015.06.24S06.E04

'Did Mr. Biscuit Ever Make Any Threatening Phone Calls?'

By pulling 'A' off the table for a hot minute, the show gets down with some gravitas. That's a good thing. 2015.06.16S06.E03

If Hanna Never Read 'The Yellow Wallpaper,' She Should Know That Bitch Went Crazy

The identity of 'A' is looking less certain, but we know the Liars are going full-bore nutso. 2015.06.10S06.E02

The Liars Fight Fire With Fire

A totally reasonable argument for 'A' to get into the 21st century where he belongs. 2015.06.03S06.E01


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