Watch A Clip From Season 7 Of Portlandia

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein play two white guys who can't catch a break in this world. 2016.10.07

Watch A Trailer For Season 6 Of Portlandia

Trigger warning for those with manbuns: something bad happens to a manbun. 2015.12.15

The Dance-Offs Of The '90s Are Alive In Portland

Fred and Carrie (and Candace and Toni) return, at last. 2015.01.08S05.E01

Josh Homme Is A Queen Of The Stone Age, But Not Much Of A Queen

The real question is, how Portlandy are he and the rest of the episode's celebrity guest stars? 2014.04.18S04.E08

Duff McKagan Explains The Importance Of Practising Tax Law

But how does his Portlandianess compare to that of his fellow guest stars? 2014.03.20S04.E04

Steve Buscemi Tries To Market Celery By Any Means Necessary

We're rating him, and the rest of the episode's guest stars, by their Portlandianess. 2014.03.13S04.E03

A Pink Rinse On Portlandia Helps Rehabilitate Olivia Wilde

And Hollywood Game Night helped, too. 2014.03.06S04.E02

Kirsten Dunst Meets Portlandia's Ghosts Of Bad Advice

But how does she compare to the season premiere's other guest stars' Portlandianess? 2014.02.27S04.E01


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