Playing House: S02

Playing House Reminds Us All That Formalwear With An Undone Bowtie Is A Can't-Miss Look For Men

We need to talk about That Moment between Mark and Emma in the season's penultimate episode. 2015.09.08S02.E07

Playing House Reminds Us That 'It's Too Bad You Can't Come!' Isn't Actually An Invitation

Rabbi Dan learns a tough lesson about the sanctity of a girl's weekend. 2015.09.01S02.E06

How Should Playing House Resolve Emma's Love Triangle?

Let's weigh the pros and cons of Emma's suddenly overstuffed love life. 2015.08.25S02.E05

Maggie Gets Her Gossip Shipped To Her Overnight On Playing House

Maggie's friendship with Rod the delivery driver is the pivot point in an eventful Playing House. 2015.08.18S02.E04

Playing House Gets Staged, And Mark Gets Collared

While Maggie directs Emma's mother's play and Mark builds sets, Tina proves she doesn't have to be present to boss around both him and his neckline. 2015.08.11S02.E03

Playing House Keeps It Right And Tight In Season 2

It's back! And it's still so good! 2015.08.04S02.E01


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