Playing House: S01

Two Women And A Baby

Playtime ends as Playing House's baby finally arrives. But that's okay! 2014.06.18S01.E10

Playing House's Maggie's Got A Heart As Big As Her Belly

Okay, the belly will shrink soon. But our love for her will not. 2014.06.04S01.E07

Playing House's Emma And Bruce: Frenemies In A Truce

There's some human garbage you just can't remove from your life. Here's how to handle it. 2014.05.28S01.E06

Which Shows Should Lust After Lutz?

Lining up new gigs for Playing House's latest comedy-royalty guest star. 2014.05.21S01.E05

Playing Matchmaker For Playing House

Based on what we've seen of Pinebrook so far, how are Emma and Maggie's odds of finding love? 2014.05.14S01.E04

There Are Still A Couple Of Shows That Haven't Been Zach Attacked

But we have ideas for how they could get the Zach knack, Woods-style. 2014.05.07S01.E03

Birdbones Tries To Peck Her Way In With A Couple Of BFFs

Playing House makes female friendship both hilarious and poignant. 2014.04.29S01.E02

Should You Settle Down With Playing House?

Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham get a second chance at sharing their bosom buddy act, only this time, one's expecting. 2014.04.29S01.E01


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