Person Of Interest

Amy's Tiara vs. Harold Finch Decides

It's a bookworm exposing her girly side vs. dealing with rival ASI, Samaritan! 2016.07.05

Janice In Accounting vs. Root Escapes

It's not giving a fuck vs. Amy Acker kicking arse! 2016.01.06

Getting Down To The Root

Samantha Groves continues to keep Person Of Interest atop the Most Wanted List. 2015.04.07

EHG Mini: Colon Exam

Turn: Washington's Spies thinks adding a subhed will make it less boring. What other shows should hope they're right and do the same? 2015.02.19

This Is Not The Machine You're Looking For

The fall finale opens up a new can of artificial-intelligence worms. 2013.12.19S03.E11