Penny Dreadful: S01

Penny Dreadful Closes With Its Biggest Monster Mash Yet

But was its first season a graveyard smash? 2014.06.30S01.E08

Battle Of The Bottle Episodes

Which cast-trapping episode featuring a character named 'Chandler' is more compelling: Penny Dreadful's 'Possession,' or Friends's 'The One Where No One's Ready'? 2014.06.22S01.E07

Penny Dreadful Presents: Demonic Walk Of Shame Vanessa

Or should that be Demonic Stride Of Pride? 2014.06.15S01.E06

Penny Dreadful's Ethan And Dorian Show That New Friendships Are Sometimes The Best

Let's talk about the moment that made casual acquaintances into close friends. 2014.06.01S01.E04

Penny Dreadful's Heavenly Creature

Why Tara's so firmly pro-Proteus. 2014.05.18S01.E02


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