Penny Dreadful

EHG Mini: Justice League

Assembling procedural dream teams from all walks of TV. 2016.08.04

EHG Mini: Road Trip!

Moving shows to new locations. 2016.06.22

Penny Dreadful Plays Its Cards

Everyone on Penny Dreadful makes a big decision this week! Whose is the worst? 2016.06.12S03.E07

Penny Dreadful Makes Chump Change

Amid a lot of male violence this week, there's nothing more explosive on Penny Dreadful than its feminism. 2016.06.05S03.E06

Penny Dreadful Takes You To Church

A single, simple scene takes Penny Dreadful forward by leaps and bounds (and stabs!). 2016.05.29S03.E05

An Airless Penny Dreadful

The problem with bottle episodes. 2016.05.22S03.E04

Penny Dreadful Takes A Couples' Retreat

Matt Debenham ranks the power couples of Penny Dreadful after 'Good And Evil Braided Be.' 2016.05.15S03.E03

What Was The Most Shocking Moment Of Penny Dreadful's Mother's Day?

Hint: not...that one character reveal. 2016.05.08S03.E02

Rare Penny

Why Penny Dreadful does genre television better than anyone else. 2016.05.01S03.E01

EHG Mini: Golden Girls: TNG

The four female characters we'd like to see in Golden Girls-s situations. 2016.04.04

Watch A Sneak Peek At Season 3 Of Penny Dreadful

Or are you in too much dread??? 2016.01.12

All Dolled Up For The Big Finish

Penny Dreadful wraps it up for Season 2. Who lived? Who died? Who's making trouble for next season? 2015.07.06S02.E10

The Other Darryl vs. The Whiskers Of Ferdinand Lyle

It's it's the brother introduced second, but first in our hearts vs. Victorian London's favourite fop! 2015.06.30

What's Behind Door Number Scorpion?

Upon the dimming of Penny Dreadful's penultimate Season 2 episode, we cast our eyes to the finale -- and beyond! 2015.06.28S02.E09

Destruction Myth

Someone finally solves -- and narrates -- the rest of the Verbis Diablo. But is it already too late? And could it maybe have been tightened up? 2015.06.21S02.E08

Cutting A Witch

Ethan and Vanessa retreat to the moors house. Do they Do It? Or does something even crazier happen? 2015.06.14S02.E07

Monster's Ball

Dorian's party for Angelique ends up revealing unpleasant aspects of several of its guests -- even the ones who aren't naked, scarred witches. 2015.06.07S02.E06

Penny Dreadful's Truthful Title Card

Another title card from a more honest era. 2015.06.04

Wolf Pact

We're trained to want Penny Dreadful's Vanessa and Ethan to get together. But do we really? 2015.05.31S02.E05

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