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Composing: The Music Will Save It

We go note by note with You’re The Worst’s Adam Blau. 2017.04.26

Reality Story Editing: That's A Button, Not A Hook

What it takes to turn unscripted drama into an actual narrative. 2017.04.12

Locations: Don't Make The Seals Mad

The benefits, hazards, and oddities of filming on location. 2017.03.29

Staff Writing: Don't Screw It Up

Riverdale’s Britta Lundin makes the transition from fan to writer. 2017.03.15

Designing Reality Challenges: Game Of Throw-Ins

Behind the games with Survivor challenge consultant Myles Nye. 2016.08.10

TV Web Content: From Netscape 1.0 to VR Mr. Robot

Creating online worlds for TV shows with former NBC digital media producer Joya Balfour. 2016.07.27

Editing: That Scene Didn’t Need To Be There

Step into the cutting room with veteran editor Micky Blythe. 2016.07.13

Writing For Late Night: Sorry, We Don’t Have A Stuffed Owl

Conan sketch writers Jessie Gaskell and Andrés du Bouchet on producing great comedy on the tightest of deadlines. 2016.06.29

Post-Production: Ooh, That Was A Loop Line

What it takes to turn a whole bunch of footage into a pristine final product. 2016.06.15

Writing Partners: Focus On Hating Outside People

Pulling off the creative mind-meld. 2016.06.01

Promos: Jessica Alba In A Room Full Of Pancakes

Jeff Drake and Jenna Jolovitz take us inside the process of crafting great promotional spots. 2016.05.04

Game Show Writing: Four Little Ponies Of The Apocalypse

TV trivia writers Trip Payne and David Dickerson take us through the hectic, hyper-detail-oriented world behind the scenes of your favorite game shows. 2016.04.13

Stunts: High School On Testosterone

Stunt performers Vanessa Vander Pluym and Jef Groff tell us what it’s like to risk life and limb for your weekly entertainment. 2016.04.01

Auditioning & Casting: Where Do I Sit?

Actors Sarah Baker and Sarayu Blue and casting associate Jennifer Cram tell us how they all make the best of a challenging process. 2016.03.16

Music Licensing: Something Edgy, Like Coldplay

TV music professionals Rossanna Wright and Carianne Marshall steer us through the process of getting songs onto your favorite shows. 2016.03.02

Pilot Error: Making TV Shows That Didn't Quite Happen

John August and Stephen Falk on what's it like to work on a TV show that never sees the light of day. 2016.02.17

Production Assistants: Take This Package And Drive Straight To Vegas

Talking to the overworked, overlooked, underpaid, unsung heroes of TV production. 2016.02.03