House Of Cards Season 6 Faces The Nation

Kathryn VanArendonk joins our caucus to vote on the once-bingeable Netflix original's final campaign, plus an OOTLANDAR Canon submission, and more! 2018.11.07

Theme Song Slaughter

Giving TV themes the successful-Nonac treatment. 2018.04.02

TV Time Machine

In the spirit of OOTLANDARRR, reuniting TV soulmates via time travel. 2017.10.27

EHG Mini: Dracula On Ootlander

Everyone's favorite capitalist vampire reviews a show. 2017.03.23

Outlander Ends Its Season At The Beginning

Which you already guessed, probably. THAT'S HOW TIME TRAVEL SHOWS WORK, YOU GUYS. 2016.07.09S02.E13

Outlander Expresses Its Brotherly Love

On the eve of the season's climactic battle, two sets of siblings are forced to find closure. 2016.06.25S02.E12

Outlander Gets Its Bloody Revenge

Old friends (and frenemies) come out of the woodwork when Claire gets separated from the group and needs saving. 2016.06.18S02.E11

Outlander Gets Bogged Down In War

The Jacobite Rebellion is on, and the only thing standing in the way of their first military victory is some stupid mud. 2016.06.11S02.E10

Outlander's Dougal Is Back And Balder Than Ever

While ramping up for war, the Frasers continue to catch up with old friends. 2016.06.04S02.E09

Starz Renews Outlander For A Third And Fourth Season

Och! That's a lot of episodes! 2016.06.01

Outlander Comes Home To Visit Its Elders

When the Frasers are forced back into the Jacobite rebellion, Jamie must ask his loathsome grandfather for help. 2016.05.28S02.E08

On Outlander, Claire Raises Heaven And Hell To Get Jamie Back

Claire must summon every last ounce of strength to survive a particularly traumatic episode. 2016.05.21S02.E07

On Outlander, Scheming Can Only Get The Frasers So Far

When things finally start looking up for Claire and Jamie, the universe smacks them back down. 2016.05.14S02.E06

Outlander Lets Claire Embrace Her Inner Time Lord

Even separated by two centuries, Claire has trouble balancing the needs of her two husbands. 2016.05.07S02.E05

No One Can Keep Their Swords In Their Sheaths At A Disastrous Outlander Dinner Party

When Jamie and Claire's schemes go up in flames, neither of them is the one who ends up getting burned. 2016.04.30S02.E04

On Outlander, Claire And Jamie Sacrifice Love To Prevent War

The Frasers' marital rough patch gets rougher by the minute. Thanks, France! 2016.04.23S02.E03

Outlander Does As The French Do, Which Is To Say, It's Gross

Get to know the people of 18th century Paris and all their depraved ways. 2016.04.16S02.E02

Outlander Does The Time Warp Again

The Season 2 premieres wallows in the depression of a flash-forward before getting to the good stuff. 2016.04.09S02.E01

EHG Mini: Exclamation Point

Claire asked us to improve a show's title by adding exclamation points. Lots of 'em. 2016.01.18

EHG 100: The Final Count-Downton

Nick Rheinwald-Jones returns with the regulars to Downton Abbey's final season. 2016.01.12

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