Orange Is The New Black: S02

Battle Of The Banjo Ditties

In addition to yuppie female anti-heroes and social commentary, Jenji Kohan also likes banjo(lele)s. 2014.07.03S02.E13

You Can't Run A Prison Without Making A Few Enemies

On Vee's remorseless rampage through Litchfield. 2014.06.26S02.E13

Larry Is A No-Good, Terrible Human

He deserves much worse than a fiery, exploding bag of poop on his doorstep. 2014.06.19S02.E13

OITNB’s New Inmate Is Soso

No, that's her name. 2014.06.10S02.E03

Into The Mouth Of Madness

Sink your teeth into this one, if you dare. 2014.06.09S02.E02


Piper and Alex learn some not-great life lessons about telling the truth. 2014.06.06S02.E01


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