Once Upon A Time: S04

We Could Be Heroes

An elaborate detour into an alternate story(book) doesn't make much sense or have much to do with the rest of the season, but at least it's kinda fun, as Once Upon A Time wraps up Season 4. 2015.05.11S04.E23

The Mother And Child Reunion Is Only A Dragon Away

Maleficent is finally reunited with her daughter and Regina gets closer to her happy ending...but of course nothing comes easily. At least there are fabulous outfits! 2015.05.04S04.E21

Lilith? Fair.

Can Emma find her fated frenemy without succumbing to darkness? Can the people of Storybrooke forgive each other for ancient wrongs? Can the audience stay awake for this episode? 2015.04.27S04.E20

Barking Up The Wrong Tree

The continuing story of a fairy tale that's gone to the dogs. 2015.04.20S04.E19

Steals From The Rich, Gives To The Bore

Oh, you weren't dying to know what happened to Robin Hood and his boring family after they left Storybrooke? Too bad, you're going to find out! But a shocking twist makes it all worthwhile. 2015.04.13S04.E18

Snow Job

Snow White, Prince Charming, and their Storybrooke equivalents consider turning to the dark side to save their daughter. 2015.03.30S04.E17

Part Of Their World

Tuna in to Ursula's poor unfortunate backstory as Once Upon A Time goes under the sea! 2015.03.23S04.E16

How Maleficent Got Her Groove Back

We go way back in Enchanted Forest time to when Regina and Maleficent first met and helped each other, as things progress fairly quickly -- and mostly badly -- for our heroes in Storybrooke. 2015.03.16S04.E15

The Bitch Is Back

Maleficent returns to Storybrooke, and she is not happy. 2015.03.09S04.E14

Poor Unfortunate Souls

Once Upon A Time returns with a seemingly increased special-effects budget and more wigs than ever! 2015.03.02S04.E13

Let It Go

Once Upon A Time closes the door on Frozen, as Belle lets go of something precious and a new trio of drag queens is introduced. 2014.12.15S04.E12

Snow Big Deal

Will a blast from the past help The Snow Queen to see the error of her ways? 2014.12.07S04.E11

Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful

As the Snow Queen's spell approaches, Once Upon A Time slows down to tie up some loose ends before the big finish. 2014.12.01S04.E11

Tie A Yellow Ribbon

A double episode of Once Upon A Time leaves Adam Grosswirth with more questions than answers. 2014.11.17S04.E10

For The Second Time In Forever

Ingrid's backstory is moving, if familiar, as Once Upon A Time plows ahead. 2014.11.10S04.E07

No Denying She's A Funny Girl, That Belle

A very eventful episode of Once Upon A Time gets through a ton of backstory, brings Belle out of the shadows, and gives us some fabulous costumes! 2014.11.03S04.E06

Love Is An Open Bore

OUAT spins its wheels in the snow a bit, but makes up for it with a solid shot of Ice Queen realness. 2014.10.27S04.E05

The Cold Never Bothered Her Anyway. In Case That Wasn't Clear.

The snow glows white in Storybrooke tonight as the gang meets Elsa, and two new baddies get introduced. 2014.10.06S04.E02

Do You Wanna Build An Opportunistic Corporate Crossover?

Ranking the residents of Storybrooke upon Once Upon A Time's return. 2014.09.28S04.E01


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