O.J.: Made In America

The Blotter Presents, Episode 1: Cold Case Files And OJ Simpson Films

Stephanie Green joins us for the inaugural episode! 2017.03.09

Your Holiday True-Crime Marathon Inventory

Because whiling away those awkward hours with the fam IS MURDER. ...Okay, but seriously: what to catch up on from 2016's non-fiction crime crop. 2016.12.20

O.J.: Made In America's Man Without A Country

The subject of a man who once was king -- and of us, his former subjects. 2016.06.18S01.E05

'Whose Side Are You On?': The Trial On Trial In O.J.: Made In America

The ugliness isn't confined to those photos. (Don't worry, we don't reproduce them here.) 2016.06.17S01.E04

O.J.: Made In America Cuts To The Chase

As the film moves into the trial, we're obliged to consider what we think we know. 2016.06.15S01.E03

Time And The Healing Of Wounds In O.J.: Made In America

'Part 2' uses the passing of years and screentime minutes to retell old stories. 2016.06.15S01.E02

'And More Importantly For Your Impeccable Character': O.J.: Made In America Begins Quite A Run

Yes, 30 For 30's O.J. Simpson event is 'really that good.' Why you should turn on the Juice. 2016.06.12S01.E01