EHG Mini: Joe's NTSF: SD: SUV:: TV Forcening

Joe discovers that Lance Reddick has teeth. 2016.07.21

Looking's Second Season Would Benefit From A Few More Starship Captains

While Scott Bakula tries to earn himself a new gay audience, here are a few more sci-fi stars ready to quantum leap into HBO’s queerest show. 2014.03.12

No One More Had More Fun On TV This Summer Than Lance Reddick

An ode to Todd Broger of Señor Dicks. 2013.08.28S03.E05

Hail To The Chief

The real Navy should BE so lucky as to have a President Of The Navy like the one on NTSF: SD: SUV::. 2013.08.02S03.E02

San Diego Terrorists: Break's Over

Trent & co. are (almost) back! 2013.06.12S03.E01


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