Newlyweds: The First Year

'Sometimes...Compromise Is War?'

Moving house, pregnancy limbo, and a couple that maybe shouldn't be together on Newlyweds: The First Year. 2015.04.15S02.E06

'I Don't Understand How Mothers Survive!'

The newlyweds contemplate parenting. It's a heady brew of dread, excitement, and snotty superiority. 2015.04.08S02.E05

The Stick Is Blue! Let's Tell Absolutely Everybody Right This Second!

Which Newlyweds couples made smart choices this week, and which ones shit the marital bed? 2015.04.01S02.E04

'If You're Relieved, Say You're Relieved'

The Newlyweds, ranked from least to most dicky. 2015.03.25

Honeymoon Phasers

Who's adjusting to married life on Newlyweds: The First Year, and who's got a wild dilithium crystal across her butthole? 2015.03.18S02.E02

Or Forever Hold Your Pee

Newlyweds: The First Year is back to Toi with your emotions. Sarah ranked the pairs. 2015.03.10S02.E01

'You Just Adore Me And I Don't Know Why.'

Bravo should dump Newlyweds: The First Year and let it find a network that really loves it. 2013.06.25S01.E08

What Newlyweds Spinoffs Can We Expect In The Future?

It's all fun and games until someone buys an Expedit. 2013.06.18

An Unexpected Moment Of Newlyweds Realism

Nothing cuts through the contrivance like a tipsy, bitter sister-in-law. 2013.06.11S01.E06

Crumbs Somewhere Else

Fights over money and sex advice from the MIL, in the newlyweds' own words. (The writing on Tina's undies counts, right?) 2013.06.04S01.E05

'And They Said I Couldn't Dance!'

Cutting a rug, making a baby, and starting a business, straight from the newlyweds' mouths. 2013.05.28S01.E04

The Perfect Couple, Like Really Opposite

Smurf vomit and the Hamburglar, as narrated by our newlyweds. 2013.05.21S01.E03

'This White Is Too White'

Tattoos, tastings, and apartment-hunting with our happy couples. 2013.05.14S01.E02

'So, Babies!'

Four couples tie the noo-- er, "knot." 2013.05.07S01.E01


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