New Girl

Does The Howards End Justify The Means?

Doree Shafrir weighs in on the decor porn and dialectics of the Starz miniseries, plus Big Little Lies for the Canon. 2018.04.11

The Great Herring War vs. Nick And Jess' First Kiss

It's the best St. Olaf tale vs. resolved sexual tension! 2017.05.02

EHG Mini: Fantastic Cartoons

Making fanciful kids' cartoons from current shows. 2017.03.09

'Piece By Piece' vs. 'Parkour!'

It's Kelly Clarkson making everyone cry vs. Schmidt's high-impact celebration! 2017.01.06

Darlene Love Saves New Girl's Christmas

It's what she was born to do. 2016.12.14S06.E10

The Acropolis Where The Parthenon Is vs. Panic Moonwalk

It's what do they say, what do they say? vs. a superior freak-out move! 2016.11.16

Watch All* The Crossover Fun That Ensued When Brooklyn Nine-Nine Met New Girl

Soup, busking, and stern but kind advice: 'It's a crossover,' all right! 2016.10.11S04.E04

Watch A Promo For The Brooklyn Nine-Nine/New Girl Crossover Episode

If it involves a subplot with Nick Miller, Winston Bishop, and Charles Boyle, it'll probably be fantastic. 2016.10.05

It's Time To End New Girl

Haley Chouinard is not a crackpot. She just thinks it's time to leave the loft for good. 2016.09.20S06.E01

Picture It: Sicily 1904 vs. Z Is For Zombie

It's Sophia Petrillo's trusty tall-tale intro vs. an undead-lit classic! 2016.09.17

Cheers Faces New Girl In The Battle Of The Best TV Bar Bosses

Sam Malone and Nick Miller battle it out to see who wins the 'World's Best Boss' coffee mug. 2016.08.19

New Girl And Brooklyn Nine-Nine Are Crossing Over, And There's So Many Ways This Gimmick Might Actually Work

If Nick Miller finds a hilarious way to get arrested...but that's only one. Read on for more! 2016.08.09

When New Girl Throws A Wedding, No One Holds Their Peace

So let's collect each character's best quote from the Season 5 finale! 2016.05.11S05.E21

Floor Bourbon To French Whore's Bath: The Week's Best Moments For New Girl Nick

Schmidt's surrogate dad shows why he got the job...and why he maybe shouldn't have it? 2016.05.04S05.E20

New Girl Takes A Disastrous Trip To The Desert

Let's summarize the horror in three representative quotes! 2016.04.27S05.E17

EHG Mini: Jury Duty

Giving characters a break, and a replacement. 2016.04.06

EHG Mini: Radish Jackson Presents Arugula’s Best Dill Crudités

Replacing main characters with vegetables... 2016.02.18

Winston Courting Ferguson vs. Mayonegg

It's finding the purrfect date vs. Michael Bluth's perfect look of despair! 2016.02.16

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