Mystery Science Theater 3000

Soft-Soaping Dynasty's 2017 Reboot

Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan -- a.k.a. The Fug Girls -- join us to break down the latest Carrington shenanigans, and find out who's the Queen Of TV Iconic Fashions Mountain. 2017.10.11

Watch A Teaser For Netflix's Mystery Science Theater 3000 Reboot

There's a new hapless astronaut and a lot of new old movies! 2017.03.22

'Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose' vs. Mr. B Natural

It's Coach Taylor's mantra vs. the androgynous spirit of music! 2016.06.27

The Many Names of David Ryder vs. Jean

It's Blast Hardcheese! Punch Rockgroin! Big McLargehuge! vs. a whole thing! 2015.12.27

Lunch And A Show: 01101010010001

Android uteri, all-time worsts, and a Mr. Butlertron supercut. Play it again, Weehhhhsleehhhhhh. 2015.07.30


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