Murder, She Wrote

Murder, She Froze vs. Fame Costs

It's the most annoying way to end TV episodes ever vs. paying in sweat! 2017.01.16

A Big Ol' Dianne Wiest Infection vs. Murder, She Froze

It's Brooklyn Nine-Nine's best cold open vs. the most annoying way to end TV episodes ever! 2017.01.15

George Clooney Committed A Murder, She Wrote

OR DID HE?! ...So many 'clue'/'Cloo' jokes, you guys. 2016.04.19S03.E18

Blindspot's Jane (Or 'Jane'?) Solves Mysteries On TV...But So Might Nancy Drew Again, Soon?

Ladies are finding clues and cracking cases in Lunch And A Show! 2015.10.06

Watch An Hour-Long Supercut Of Jessica Fletcher Epiphanies

You were basically done work for the day already, right? 2015.01.09

EHG 36: Mentally Challenged

Challenge veteran Lilit Marcus joins us for timey-wimey true-crime talk, a cinematic Game Time, and more! 2014.06.30

Where There's Smoke, There's Michael Weston

It's not his fault -- but he keeps showing up at the same time as annoying plotlines and character beats, so he's a Dealbreaker. 2014.06.26

EHG 10: Should You Invest In Dracula?

We hope you washed your necks like our host requested! 2013.10.29


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