Mr. Robot: S02

Mr. Robot Did What Needed To Be Done

Did it rely on English majors to do the rest? Sarah D. Bunting de-versifies the season finale. 2016.09.22S02.E12

Game Recognizes Game On Mr. Robot

The episode's best scene comments on the show's worst instincts. 2016.09.15S02.E11

The Tale End Of Mr. Robot

Ranking the stories within stories as we approach the finale. 2016.09.08S02.E10

Does The Appearance Of Mark Moses Bode Well For Mr. Robot's Second-Season Homestretch?

Sarah D. Bunting is not a crackpot. She just thinks casting the former Duck Phillips is a reason to believe. 2016.08.25S02.E08

Battle Of The Meditatively Paced Prestige Programs Featuring 'Differently Socialized' Protagonists: Rectify vs. Mr. Robot

The heroes share more than just awkwardness. Whose show works the cringe best? 2016.08.18S02.E07

If 'Believing It's Real Makes It So,' Why Won't Mr. Robot Do Either?

The show is perfectly capable of suspenseful plotting -- and one poorly cut scene isn't going to get Esmail & Co. out of trying it. 2016.08.11S02.E06

Greetings, Mr. Robot. ...How About A Nice Game Of Chess?

WarGames, Green Day, and other allusions from a water-treading fourth episode. 2016.07.28S02.E04

Mr. Robot Sticks To Its Uncertainty Principles

A bracing and effective image is still no substitute for plot as Elliot's reality continues to buffer. 2016.07.21S02.E03

Isn't That Where Mr. Robot Is Comfortable? In The Sameness?

Ray Bradbury, Oliver Stone, and other Robot-ic referents from the second-season premiere. 2016.07.14S02.E01


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