Mr. Robot: S01

'Where Am I? I Mean...Where Am I?'

'That's a good question.' Looking back at Mr. Robot's first season. 2015.09.03S01.E10

'This Is Happening. Isn't It.'

And other not-quite-burning not-quite-questions about Mr. Robot...some of them FROM Mr. Robot. 2015.08.20S01.E09

Fool Me Twice, Shyamalan On Me

A little list of big twists on Mr. Robot. 2015.08.13S01.E08

Mr. Robot Puts A Refreshing Spin On Buddy Cops

Darlene and Trenton seriously need their own spinoff. 2015.08.06S01.E07

Love On A Real Train

Sarah D. Bunting digs Mr. Robot's deep cuts. 2015.07.23S01.E05

Cut The Work Trip Short

Sarah D. Bunting's patience with Elliot's addiction arc is running out. 2015.07.16S01.E04

Ask A Frighteningly Devoted Corporate Climber

Mr. Robot's Tyrell Wellick has some advice that will change your life, if you dare to follow it. 2015.07.09S01.E03

How Much Of Mr. Robot Is...Like, Real?

And other not-quite-burning questions about the second episode. 2015.07.02S01.E02


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