Modern Dads

The Walking Dad

The Dads get together to discuss the deeper implications of their show being moved to 11 PM on Sunday nights. 2013.10.11

Modern Interruptus

The weekly Modern Dads viewing party held by the Modern Dads goes horribly wrong. 2013.09.19

Poker For Dummies

It’s Poker Night for America’s dumbest dads! And the fact that none of them says 'Poker? But I hardly know her!' is just one of the unbelievable facts about this week’s episode. 2013.09.12S01.E04

Better Off Dad

The continuing saga of the world’s least believable dads. Juicing! Soundproofing! Sexercising! And other things that totally didn’t happen on the latest Modern Dads. 2013.09.05S01.E03

Dad Again

So we're supposed to believe that there’s a Baby Fight Club and also believe in another of Stone’s “Canadian Girlfriends”? We don’t think so, A&E. We don’t think so. 2013.08.29S01.E02

Dad On Arrival

America is more than ready for a show about modern dads. Please let us know when someone finally makes one. Thanks. 2013.08.22S01.E01

Urologists Are Having The Worst Week Ever

Who is the worse patient: Stone, the single dad catting around Austin on Modern Dads, or Wesley, a.k.a. The Man With The 132 lb. Scrotum? 2013.08.22S01.E01


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