EHG 45: Homeland Wants Its Spy Mommy

It's a fine, rare episode that features Mandy Patinkin and Carl Reiner; Jeff Drake helped make it happen. 2014.10.06

How Many Project Runway-ish Looks Should We Expect To See Savi Wearing On Mistresses This Season?

And other not-quite-burning questions sparked by the Season 2 premiere. 2014.06.02S02.E01

Female Trouble

Assessing the first season of Mistresses. 2013.09.10S01.E13

Groping Toward An Explanation For This Astonishingly Terrible Outfit

We interrupt your ignorance of the existence of Mistresses to generate a list of guesses as to how Shannyn Sossamon came to be wearing...this. 2013.09.03S01.E12

EHG 1: Summer TV

The gang discusses the summer TV season, The Sopranos and Game Time goes down to the wire. 2013.08.22

Why Even Take A Paternity Test?!

Mistresses makes Savannah ignore the results of her fetus's DNA test because that's what would happen in real life, not. 2013.07.23S01.E08

Savi's Boxy Sleeveless Suit, Explained

Not excused, mind you, but explained. 2013.06.11S01.E02

Sorry, Wrong Number

The late Mr. Malloy has a few things he'd like to get off his chest. His, and Alyssa Milano's. 2013.06.04S01.E01


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