Minority Report

Stamos Faces Valderrama In The Battle Of The Fox Flop Comeback Kids

Two stars of Fox shows cancelled in their freshman seasons get series regular gigs on returning shows. Which wins the week? 2016.06.17

Minority Report Makes Sure You Know Misogyny Has At Least Fifty More Years To Live

A 'pick-up artist' can get famous and rich teaching the 'art' of negging women while a shy 'nice guy' nurses festering grudges against women he finds insufficiently attentive? THE FUTURE SURE IS CRAZY. 2015.09.28S01.E02

Should You Gaze Into The Future Of Crime-Fighting With Minority Report?

Steven Spielberg's 2002 movie about 'precogs' who foresee crimes is now a TV series. Should someone have tried to stop it before it started? 2015.09.21S01.E01


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