Million Dollar Listing New York

Fredrik Eklund Is A Lizard Person, And Other Lessons Learned

One of those lessons: Ryan is also a lizard person. 2014.04.17S03.E03

Smarm Like Nobody's Watching

Ryan is the worst; Todd's hair is still here to make you feel uneasy. 2014.04.10S03.E02

'Making Fun Of People's Accents And Demanding Helicopters'

A network executive expresses concern over Million Dollar Listing New York's place in the Bravo-verse. 2014.04.03S03.E01

Venezuela Is In South America

And other useful info from the Million Dollar Listing NY guys, in their own words. 2013.06.27S02.E08

'Nobody Usin' The Bathroom'

Ryan misunderstands the "no parties while we're away" rule, and more disagreements straight from the source. 2013.05.30S02.E04

'Somebody Lived Up There.'

Hurricane Sandy hits NYC; Hurricane Luis hits Ryan. 2013.05.16S02.E02

''Didn't Get The Audio.' Uh Huh.'

Dubbing fake-angry lines after the fact is giving Fredrik Eklund a headache. 2013.05.09S02.E01


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