Match Game

Reconsideration Station

The shows that have held up better than we expected -- or reeeeeally haven't. 2018.04.16

EHG 116: The Heat Is On: Summer TV Preview

Kim Reed and the panel pick our most promising new shows, returning shows we're psyched for, and shows we couldn't care less about as the summer season ramps up. 2016.05.17

Kirstie Alley Kicked Ass On Match Game PM

It's not her only game-show appearance as a self-proclaimed 'interior designer' back in the '70s either, but it's the most fun. 2016.01.21

Things You May Remember Troy McClure From vs. Cuckoo Blank

It's a Simpsons filmology vs. the worst Match Game answer ever! 2015.12.19

Listen To A Podcasterview With A Match Game Writer

Dick DeBartolo talks Mad Magazine, Brett Somers, and pouring gravy on [blank]. 2015.11.04

Charles Nelson Reilly's Neckerchiefs vs. The Duchess Approves

It's jaunty scarves vs. a classic from the Black and White Period Piece Old Lady Boring Movie Channel! 2015.09.24

Lunch And A Show Dressed To Play

Survey SAYS: vote for your favorite Feud host, hashtag free Woolery, and more. 2015.07.23

EHG Mini: Everything Old Is New Again

What '60s and '70s shows besides The Odd Couple could use remakes? 2015.02.18

Let's Cast Match Game 2014!

No one's doing it (at least, not in this country). But they should. 2013.12.11


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