EHG 130: The Extra Hot Great Fall 2016 Preview

It's the pumpkin-spice latte of autumnal programming overviews! ...Unless you hate those. Eve Batey's back to look at the best, worst, and meh-est of new and returning shows. 2016.09.20

EHG Mini: Go Affleck Yourself

Putting Any Given Wednesday guest Ben Affleck's pottymouth to work on other unscripted series. 2016.07.04

Stephen Colbert Is Not The Cake Boss Of You

Cheesecake revenge, a MasterChef winner, trash pepper, and more in Lunch And A Show. 2015.09.17

Winner Winner Swordfish Dinner

Claudia, Derrick, and Stephen square off for the right to be forgotten until they're dragged out as inspiration for contestants next season. 2015.09.17S06.E20

Look On Christina Tosi's Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair

Who makes better desserts than Christina Tosi? No one, according to Christina Tosi. 2015.09.10S06.E18

Basket Cases

Three past champions return like the ghosts of A Christmas Carol to warn the current contestants to change their ways lest they be condemned to a lifetime of MasterChef servitude. 2015.09.03S06.E17

Did Dancing With The Stars Land The Buttery-Smooth Moves Of Paula Deen?

This and more from the world of TV food in today's roundup. 2015.08.27

Tartarred And Feathered

Gordon inflicts our cheftestants on Chaya, the restaurant where tuna tartare was born, before punishing the losers with a super-complicated pasta challenge requiring timing, organization, and Hetal not losing her mind. 2015.08.27S06.E16

Tommy Dearest

Tag-team party platter! How Stephen and Katrina didn't end up with shrimp skewers in their ear canals is anyone's guess. 2015.08.20S06.E15

How To Get A Head In MasterChef Without Really Crying

It's the show's first vegetarian challenge! Then, because we can't let the veggies get too comfortable, we get the most anti-vegetarian challenge possible short of taking them to a slaughterhouse and handing them cattle guns. 2015.08.13S06.E14

Lunch And A Show Places (Things In) An Order

Child actors, SNL-ers, and musical guests. 2015.08.06


An egomaniac needles a drummer relentlessly, but instead of a fascinating examination of how greatness is forged, it's a profoundly irritating man lobbing grade-school taunts at an impervious ego. 2015.08.06S06.E13

MasterChef Serves Dinner Family-Style

The visit from family members is a good way to remind us that these contestants aren't soulless meatbags devoid of human feelings (like the contestants on Hell's Kitchen are). 2015.07.30

Steak Me Home Tonight: MasterChef Gets Grilled

Chimichurri me not on the lone prairie. These words came low and mournfully. But Blue chimichurried them there, on the lone prairie. And somehow still filled the balcony. 2015.07.23S06.E11

Rice Against Time

Grainy days and Wednesdays always get Sarah D. Bunting down. That, and favoritism shenanigans. 2015.07.16S06.E10

Gordon Ramsay Takes His MasterChefs To Hell's Kitchen And Back

The MasterChefs have to make classic Gordon Ramsay dishes. So if you hate Hell's Kitchen but thought you might check out this show for the first time, this maybe isn't the best week for that. 2015.07.09S06.E09

Cakewalking The Plank

MasterChef's 100th-episode celebration ends in tears. 2015.07.01S06.E08

Breakfast Of Champions

A morning-meal Mystery Box leads to a power play that backfires on MasterChef. 2015.06.24S06.E07

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