Marry Me

Marry Me Is Happier Endings, And That's Okay

Tara's not a crackpot, she just thinks more showrunners should try remaking their old shows. 2014.11.05S01.E04

'Women Like Dainty Little Wee TVs, Not Icky Big Ones.' - Marry Me

'No, but why can't we get a TV as big as the wall?' - Tara. 2014.10.22S01.E02

Ask A Bearded BFF

Edgar Quintero is here to help out his many, many shaggy sitcom contemporaries. 2014.10.14

Should You Pledge Your Troth To Marry Me?

Casey Wilson and Ken Marino like each other and are in a relationship. That's it -- but is it enough? 2014.10.14


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