Married At First Sight

'What The Hell Is The Point Of Any Of This?'

The Married At First Sight couples waste their last week of 'marriage' exchanging gifts and blowing their wedding money. We're ranking them from least to most offensive. 2015.06.03S02.E12

'I Think The Door Is Creaking Open For Us To Become More Intimate.'

We're ranking the Married At First Sight couples from best to worst based on this week's boring explorations of their 'lifestyles.' 2015.05.27S02.E11

'I'll Suck On My Own Toe'

The couples seek more intimacy with each other before their imminent divorces. 2015.05.20

'We're Both Freakin' Romantic'

The couples work on their issues in marital counseling this week; we're ranking them from littlest to biggest failure! 2015.05.13S02.E09

'It's Like We're Complete Strangers...Again'

The grand Married At First Sight social experiment continues as the couples 'adjust to married life,' mostly by bickering and hating each other. We rank them from best to worst! 2015.05.06S02.E08

Should Stupid Social Experiments Involving Marriage To Strangers Be Forgot And Never Thought Upon!

It's New Year's Eve in Married At First Sightland, and the couples are finding new and creative trivialities to bicker about. Join us as we rank them from first to worst. 2015.04.29S02.E07

'Wham, Bam, Booty Ma'am'

The Married At First Sight couples are moving in together and unpacking ALL of their baggage. We're ranking them from least annoying to most. 2015.04.22S02.E06

'It's Not Just A Woman; It's My Wife'

The Married At First Sight couples are spending the holidays together, and we’re ranking them from best (Home Alone) to worst (Christmas With The Kranks)! 2015.04.15S02.E05

'I Have No Pride Anymore'

The couples experience a shake-up in the awfulness rankings as their romantic honeymoons wear on. 2015.04.08S02.E04

'I Don't Feel Like I'm Gonna Consummate This Marriage Tonight'

The Married At First Sight crew are off on their painfully awkward honeymoons, and we're ranking them from least worst to worst! 2015.04.01S02.E03

'There's Just Something About His Face That's Not What I Pictured'

For Dick Week, we're ranking the idiots on Married At First Sight in terms of overall dickishness, based on our highly scientific dick-points rating system! 2015.03.25S02.E02

'I Could Catch Her Vibe That I Wasn't Exactly Her Pick Of The Litter,' And Other Love Stories

Married At First Sight is back for a second season of legally marrying complete strangers who may or may not be physically repulsed by each other! Stephanie Green ranks the couples from most to least marriage-ready. 2015.03.18S02.E01

Married At First Sight Is Getting A Spinoff

How are the married couples doing? fyi wants us all to know! 2014.09.30

Can We Get Another Two Hours With Just Vaughn And His Exes?

And other not-so-burning questions about the Married At First Sight reunion special. 2014.09.17S01.E11

Did Married At First Sight Lead To Love After A Month?

The season comes down to this: who, if any, liked each other enough to stay fake-married? 2014.09.10S01.E10

Is Jamie Actually Cruel To Be Kind?

And other not-so-burning questions about the season's penultimate Married At First Sight. 2014.09.02S01.E09

Is Vaughn Actually Un-pleasable, Or Is He Just Acting?

And other important questions raised by the fresh horrors on this week's Married At First Sight. 2014.08.26S01.E08

'Are We Perhaps Learning That Jamie Is A Touch Dramatic?'

As the Married At First Sight couples expose their new spouses to their old family and friends, Tara Ariano and Brian Rubenstein discuss how sincere everyone's motives are (and whether Jamie REALLY hails from 'Povertyville'). 2014.08.19S01.E07

Did Vaughn Get Married At First Sight To Lock In A Live-In Cook?

And other not-quite-burning questions sparked by this week's Married At First Sight. 2014.08.12S01.E06

Under The (Franchised) Dome

When you've got a great idea, spread it around! Also do it with the Dome! 2014.08.11


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